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Best Book Stores in Saigon Ho Chi Minh


Here are 10 popular bookstores in Ho Chi Minh City:

  1. Fahasa Bookstore (@fahasabookstore): Fahasa is one of the largest book chains in Vietnam, offering a wide range of books in various genres and languages. Discover an extensive collection of titles for all ages and interests.
  2. Tiki Bookstore (@tikibookstore): Tiki Bookstore is a leading online bookstore in Vietnam, providing a vast selection of books, including bestsellers, academic texts, and children’s literature. Order books conveniently from their website.
  3. Bookworm (@bookwormhcmc): Bookworm is an independent bookstore known for its curated selection of new and secondhand books in different genres. Explore their cozy space and find literary treasures.
  4. The Book Street (@thebookstreethcm): The Book Street is a vibrant cultural space lined with bookstores and cafes. Browse through an array of books, attend literary events, and immerse yourself in a book lover’s paradise.
  5. Nguyen Van Binh Book Street (@nguyenvanbinhbookstreet): Nguyen Van Binh Book Street is a charming street dedicated to books and reading. Explore its bookstores, enjoy outdoor readings, and discover hidden literary gems.
  6. Phuong Nam Bookstore (@phuongnambookstore): Phuong Nam Bookstore offers a diverse selection of books, magazines, and stationery items. Discover both local and international titles in their well-stocked shelves.
  7. Liberty Bookstore (@libertybookstore.vn): Liberty Bookstore is a popular destination for English-language books in Ho Chi Minh City. They offer a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, and educational titles for book enthusiasts.
  8. Nha Nam Bookstore (@nhanambookstore): Nha Nam Bookstore focuses on promoting Vietnamese literature and works by local authors. Explore their collection of Vietnamese books and literary works.
  9. Nhasachphuongnam.com (@nhasachphuongnam): Nhasachphuongnam.com is an online bookstore that provides a vast selection of books, e-books, and audiobooks. Browse their website for a convenient book shopping experience.
  10. PNC Bookstore (@pncbookstore): PNC Bookstore offers a variety of books, magazines, and educational resources. Explore their collection of Vietnamese and international titles for readers of all ages.
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