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Best cake shops in Vietnam


Here are the best cake shops you can find in Vietnam:

  1. ABC Bakery: Known for its wide variety of cakes, ABC Bakery offers both traditional Vietnamese flavors and international options.
  2. Bake Me Home: A cozy bakery that specializes in homemade-style cakes with unique flavors and toppings.
  3. The Cakery: This trendy cake shop focuses on creating beautiful and Instagram-worthy cakes, often decorated with elaborate designs.
  4. Sweet Delights: A family-owned bakery that emphasizes using high-quality ingredients to produce delicious and visually appealing cakes.
  5. Cake Studio: Known for its customized cakes, Cake Studio creates unique designs for special occasions and celebrations.
  6. Sugar & Spice: A modern cake shop that offers a fusion of Vietnamese and Western cake flavors, using fresh and seasonal ingredients.
  7. Le Petit Patisserie: This small, charming patisserie is known for its delicate French-inspired cakes and pastries.
  8. Heavenly Sweets: A boutique cake shop that specializes in elegant and sophisticated cakes, perfect for weddings and formal events.
  9. The Sweet Spot: Offering a range of classic and contemporary cakes, The Sweet Spot is a popular choice among locals and expats.
  10. Sugar Rush: A trendy cake shop that caters to the younger crowd, featuring playful and vibrant cake designs.
  11. Velvet Cake Company: This artisanal bakery is famous for its signature velvet cakes in various flavors, including red velvet and blue velvet.
  12. Piece of Heaven: With a focus on premium ingredients and unique flavor combinations, Piece of Heaven offers cakes that are true delights.
  13. Dreamy Desserts: Known for its ethereal and dreamy cake designs, this bakery creates visually stunning masterpieces.
  14. Cake Avenue: A favorite among cake enthusiasts, Cake Avenue offers a wide selection of cakes with intricate decorations.
  15. Flourish Cakes: This charming bakery specializes in rustic and homestyle cakes, baked with love and attention to detail.
  16. Happy Bakes: A delightful cake shop that brings joy through its delicious and beautifully decorated cakes for all occasions.
  17. Cake Bliss: Known for its indulgent and decadent creations, Cake Bliss offers a wide range of flavors and textures.
  18. Sugar Artistry: A cake shop that combines artistic designs with delectable flavors, creating edible works of art.
  19. The Cake Lab: With a focus on innovative and experimental flavors, The Cake Lab pushes the boundaries of traditional cake-making.
  20. Sweet Escapes: This boutique cake shop offers a delightful escape through its delectable and visually stunning cake creations.
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