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Best cooking classes in Saigon Ho Chi Minh


Here are 12 best cooking classes in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

  1. Mai Home – Vietnamese Cooking Class (@maihomecookingclass) Description: Mai Home offers authentic Vietnamese cooking classes in a cozy and welcoming environment. Learn traditional recipes and cooking techniques from experienced local chefs.
  2. Saigon Cooking Class (@saigoncookingclass) Description: Saigon Cooking Class provides hands-on lessons in Vietnamese cuisine. Discover the secrets behind popular dishes and immerse yourself in the flavors of Vietnam.
  3. Grain Cooking Studio (@graincookingstudio) Description: Grain Cooking Studio offers a range of cooking classes, from Vietnamese street food to gourmet dishes. Learn to create delicious meals with professional chefs.
  4. Vietnam Cookery Center (@vietnamcookerycenter) Description: Vietnam Cookery Center offers comprehensive cooking classes that delve into the intricacies of Vietnamese gastronomy. Discover the art of Vietnamese cooking in a professional setting.
  5. Hoa Tuc Cooking Class (@hoatuccookingclass) Description: Hoa Tuc Cooking Class provides an immersive culinary experience in a stylish setting. Learn to prepare Vietnamese dishes with fresh ingredients and expert guidance.
  6. Cookin’ Nanta Cooking Studio (@cookin_nanta_cookingstudio) Description: Cookin’ Nanta Cooking Studio offers a variety of cooking classes that focus on Vietnamese and international cuisine. Enhance your culinary skills and explore different flavors.
  7. Saigon Culinary Arts Center (@saigonculinaryartscenter) Description: Saigon Culinary Arts Center offers interactive cooking classes led by professional chefs. Discover the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine and master the art of cooking.
  8. Saigon Cooking Academy (@saigoncookingacademy) Description: Saigon Cooking Academy provides hands-on cooking classes that showcase the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam. Learn to cook traditional dishes and savor the flavors of Saigon.
  9. Vietnamese Street Food Cooking Class (@vietnamesestreetfoodclass) Description: Vietnamese Street Food Cooking Class offers a unique experience to learn and recreate the vibrant street food culture of Vietnam. Discover the secrets behind popular street food dishes.
  10. Food Craft (@foodcraftvn) Description: Food Craft offers cooking classes that focus on healthy and organic Vietnamese cuisine. Learn to prepare nutritious meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  11. Secret Garden Cooking Classes (@secretgarden_cookingclasses) Description: Secret Garden Cooking Classes provide a hands-on culinary experience in a charming garden setting. Learn to cook authentic Vietnamese dishes using traditional techniques.
  12. The Saigon Cooking Class (@thesaigoncookingclass) Description: The Saigon Cooking Class offers a range of classes that highlight the diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. Learn to cook popular dishes and immerse yourself in the local food culture.
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