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Best Indonesian Restaurants in Bangkok


Sate Khas Senayan Description: Savor the flavors of Indonesia at Sate Khas Senayan, offering a range of traditional Indonesian dishes, including their signature sate (skewered and grilled meats). Instagram: @satekhassenayan


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Kanah and Red Tea – Kanah and Red Tea are one of the Halal dining places in Bangkok. Located at 51 Building, House Number 5, Soi Saranakhom 5, Si Kan, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand, Kanah and Red Tea can be a destination for seeking Halal food in Bangkok.


Warungkita Description: Warungkita brings the taste of Indonesia to Bangkok with a variety of authentic dishes, from rendang to nasi goreng, providing a homely Indonesian dining experience. Instagram: @warungkitabkk


Kembang Goela Description: Kembang Goela offers refined Indonesian cuisine in an elegant setting. Experience the rich and diverse flavors of Indonesia through their well-crafted dishes. Instagram: @kembanggoela


Bunga Emas Description: Bunga Emas transports you to the Indonesian archipelago with its traditional dishes, highlighting the culinary heritage and unique flavors of Indonesia. Instagram: @bungaemasbkk


IndoChili Description: IndoChili serves a fusion of Indonesian and Thai flavors, offering an array of dishes that showcase the vibrant spices and ingredients of both cuisines. Instagram: @indochili >> ig nya resto di sgp


Indonesia Restaurant Description: Indonesia Restaurant captures the essence of Indonesian cuisine, serving dishes like rendang, satay, and various curries, all prepared with authentic flavors. Instagram: Check their website for updated information.


Rumah Makan Minang Description: Rumah Makan Minang specializes in Padang cuisine from Sumatra, serving an array of dishes with bold flavors and aromatic spices. Instagram: Check their website for updated information.


Sari Ratu Description: Sari Ratu offers a taste of Indonesian comfort food, serving dishes like nasi tumpeng and nasi kuning, perfect for experiencing the warmth of Indonesian hospitality. Instagram: Check their website for updated information.


Bumbu Desa Description: Bumbu Desa presents an array of Indonesian dishes, from traditional recipes to contemporary twists, allowing you to explore the diverse flavors of the archipelago. Instagram: @bumbudesa_id


Cabe Rawit Description: Cabe Rawit showcases Indonesian street food and classic dishes, offering an immersive experience into the bustling flavors of Indonesian cuisine. Instagram: @caberawitbkk

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