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Best pubs in Vietnam – Must visit


Here are 15 popular pubs in Vietnam along with brief descriptions and their Instagram usernames:

  1. Pasteur Street Brewing Company (@pasteurstreet): Located in Ho Chi Minh City, this craft brewery offers a wide selection of unique and flavorful beers, perfect for beer enthusiasts.
  2. BiaCraft Artisan Ales (@biacraft): With multiple locations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang, BiaCraft is known for its extensive beer menu featuring local and international craft brews.
  3. The Old Quarter Pub (@oldquarterpub): Situated in Hanoi’s bustling Old Quarter, this pub offers a cozy atmosphere, live music, and a variety of drinks, including local and imported beers.
  4. The Rooftop Bar (@therooftopbar): Located in Da Nang, this rooftop bar provides stunning views of the city skyline and coastline. Enjoy refreshing cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere.
  5. East West Brewing Co. (@eastwestbrewing): Nestled in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, this microbrewery serves up a range of innovative beers alongside a delicious food menu inspired by Vietnamese and Western cuisine.
  6. Pasteur Street Brewing Co. – Hanoi (@pasteurstreethanoi): This branch of Pasteur Street Brewing Company in Hanoi maintains the same dedication to craft beer, offering unique flavors and a cozy ambiance.
  7. Saigon Craft Beer (@saigoncraftbeer): Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, this craft beer bar boasts an extensive selection of local and international brews, providing a fantastic opportunity to explore different flavors.
  8. The Bank Hoi An (@thebankhoian): Located in the charming city of Hoi An, this pub occupies a beautifully restored bank building. It offers a diverse menu of drinks and live music performances.
  9. Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery (@heartofdarknessbrewery): Found in Ho Chi Minh City, this award-winning craft brewery is known for its innovative and high-quality beers, as well as its inviting taproom.
  10. 1900 Le Theatre (@1900letheatre): Situated in Hanoi’s French Quarter, this atmospheric pub captures the essence of the 1900s era. Enjoy a range of drinks while immersing yourself in the nostalgic ambiance.
  11. Pasteur Street Brewing Company – Danang (@pasteurstreetdanang): Another branch of Pasteur Street Brewing Company, this pub in Da Nang offers the same exceptional craft beers and a welcoming atmosphere.
  12. Taps Beer Bar (@tapsbeerbarsaigon): Located in Ho Chi Minh City, this beer bar features a rotating selection of craft beers on tap, providing a great opportunity to explore different flavors and styles.
  13. The Republic (@therepublicvietnam): Situated in Hanoi, The Republic is a popular sports bar and pub. Enjoy watching live sports events while sipping on your favorite drinks and savoring delicious bar bites.
  14. Winking Seal Beer Co. (@winkingsealbeer): Found in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, this craft beer brewery and taproom offers a range of flavorful beers, including their signature Winking Seal IPA.
  15. Mad Botanist – The Gin Specialist (@madbotanistvietnam): Located in Hanoi, this gin-focused bar is a haven for gin lovers. Explore an extensive gin menu and indulge in creative gin cocktails.
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