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Best sandwiches in Singapore


Here are 10 best sandwich bars in Singapore along with their descriptions, Instagram usernames, and opening hours:

  1. Park Bench Deli – This popular sandwich bar serves up delicious sandwiches with unique fillings and homemade bread. Instagram: @parkbenchdeli. Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-4pm.
  2. Tiong Bahru Bakery – This bakery offers a variety of French-inspired sandwiches and pastries made with high-quality ingredients. Instagram: @tiongbahrubakery. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm.
  3. The Daily Cut – While primarily known for their healthy bowls, The Daily Cut also serves up tasty and hearty sandwiches. Instagram: Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm, Sat 11am-2pm.
  4. Burnt Ends – This Michelin-starred restaurant serves up amazing sandwiches made with their signature smoked meats. Instagram: @burntends_sg. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11am-2pm, 6pm-10:30pm.
  5. KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar – This cafe specializes in Japanese-inspired sandwiches and desserts. Instagram: @karacafesg. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm.
  6. Melt Cafe – Located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Melt Cafe serves up a variety of international sandwiches and gourmet salads. Instagram: Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6am-10:30pm.
  7. Bread Yard – This artisanal bakery and cafe offers a variety of healthy and tasty sandwiches made with their homemade bread. Instagram: @breadyard. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm.
  8. Artisan Boulangerie Co. – Known for their artisanal breads, Artisan Boulangerie Co. also serves up delicious sandwiches and pastries. Instagram: @artisanboulangerieco. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am-10pm.
  9. Gastronomia Da Paolo – This Italian deli and cafe offers a variety of sandwiches made with their freshly baked bread and high-quality Italian ingredients. Instagram: @gastronomiadasg. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9am-9pm.
  10. The Marmalade Pantry – This cafe is known for their delicious cakes and pastries, but also serves up tasty sandwiches and salads. Instagram: @themarmaladepantry. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm.
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