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Best Luxury Affordable Spas Massage Wellness Bali


1. We provide you with a list of 10 of the best spas in Bali along with their descriptions and Instagram usernames: Avisha Spa (@avishaspa.bali): Avisha is consistently committed to delivering a distinctive and revitalizing spa experience. One of their offerings includes the herbal pouch massage, in which a cloth bag filled with a warm mixture of spices and herbs is employed for body massage. This method not only alleviates muscle tension but also improves blood circulation, offers a soothing sensation, and fosters a general feeling of relaxation.

2. Bodyworks (@bodyworksbali): Treat your feet to a world of pampering and relaxation at our serene sanctuary nestled in the heart of Bali. From indulgent foot massages to rejuvenating pedicures and soothing foot treatments, our open-air courtyard area offers the perfect ambiance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and sink into pure bliss. Imagine the delight of being surprised by your closest friend with the ultimate pregnancy massage at our cherished spa. Here, every moment is crafted to elevate your well-being and leave you feeling replenished and rejuvenated. Our doors are open daily from 9am to 10pm, ready to welcome you into a realm of tranquility and self-care.


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3. Sundari (@sundari.day.spa): At Sundari Day Spa, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to enhance your beauty and well-being. Our dedicated therapists are committed to crafting personalized face masks using only the purest ingredients, unveiling your innate radiance and leaving your skin glowing with vitality. Sundari Day Spa invites you to escape to paradise and indulge in the ultimate pampering experience. From head to toe, our luxurious treatments are designed to cocoon you in comfort and elevate your senses to new heights. Step into our tranquil sanctuary and leave the chaos of everyday life behind as you immerse yourself in a world of pure relaxation. Each moment spent at Sundari Day Spa is a journey towards inner peace and rejuvenation, where you can surrender to the soothing touch of our skilled therapists and let go of all worries.


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4. Ayana Spa (@ayanaresort): A luxurious spa situated on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, featuring a range of signature treatments, private spa villas, and breathtaking views. Living up to one of Bali’s reputations as a Spa destination, at AYANA Spa, the professional wellness team and multi-faceted spa program give you the time and amenities you need to create and achieve wellness goals.


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5. The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay (@fsbali): A wellness portal where ancient wisdom illuminates modern ways and physical treatments inspire metaphysical transformations. Submit to Bali’s magic and their team of healers’ expertise via rituals that honor timeless traditions and emerging spiritual awareness. An award-winning spa offering an array of holistic treatments, traditional Balinese therapies, and a tranquil relaxation area surrounded by lush tropical gardens.


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6. Karma Spa (@karma.group): A serene and luxurious spa located in the heart of Seminyak, offering a range of indulgent treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs. The sea-view Karma Spa is set on limestone cliffs and offers stunning sea views.


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7. The Edge Spa (@theedgebali): A luxurious spa located on the edge of a cliff in Uluwatu, featuring stunning ocean views, private spa suites, and a range of relaxing treatments. The Spa which defies both convection and gravity. Perched upon a rock face overlooking the Indian Ocean, the liquid floors, wall-less rooms, and sensuous curves create an ambiance that relaxes the mind, body, and soul. While the spa in southern Bali offers a modern design, the quintessential Balinese spa experience is not lost. With wet and dry areas, private steam coves, and an unobstructed view of the ocean, the villa spa resort in Bali will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

8. Prana Spa (@pranaspabali): A luxurious Moroccan-inspired spa located in this Seminyak offers a range of indulgent treatments, including hot stone massages, facials, and body wraps. The award-winning spa is dubbed as one of the best and largest spas on the island of the Gods. Soak in the relaxing ancient traditions to recharge your senses and sooth your soul with their internationally trained therapists and exclusive signature treatments. The exotic and luxurious Private Suite at Prana Spa welcomes you to delve into an unrivaled indulgence fit for royalty.

9. COMO Shambhala Estate (@comoshambhalaestate): Was created as a wellness retreat located in the heart of Bali’s lush rainforest. Here some programs include daily Yoga, Pilates and meditation, Ayurvedic treatments, massage, hydrotherapy, cleansing treatments and fitness activities; or simply relax beside the pool, or walk along the winding rainforest roads, drinking in silence. The scene itself seemed to radiate its healing energy; perhaps it is because there is a holy spring within the grounds – Sumber – where you can experience the blessing of traditional Balinese water to cleanse body, mind and soul.

10. The Spa at Maya Ubud Resort and Spa (@mayaresorts): Deep inside Bali’s cultural heart, and somewhere outside of linear time, Maya Ubud Resort & Spa unfolds gently across 10 hectares of lush tropical landscape. The land’s palm tree-fringed contours form a ceremonial walkway that reveals the hidden river valley below. A tranquil spa located in the heart of Ubud’s lush rainforest, offering a range of traditional Balinese therapies, yoga classes, and wellness programs.

11. Amo Spa (@amospabali): A chic and modern spa located in the heart of Canggu, offering a range of indulgent treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, in a stylish and relaxing setting. AMO Spa Canggu is a lifestyle destination where healthy living, healthy eating and looking your best are combined with our love of nature and taking care of our customers.


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