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Best toy stores in Ho Chi Minh


Here are 10 popular toy stores in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

  1. Toy Street: Toy Street is a spacious and well-organized toy store offering a wide range of toys for all ages. They have a great selection of educational toys, action figures, puzzles, and more. Instagram: @toystreetsaigon
  2. Toyland : Toyland is a magical toy store that will transport you to a world of imagination. They have an extensive collection of dolls, stuffed animals, board games, and collectible toys. Instagram: @toyland.saigon
  3. ToyBox : ToyBox is a trendy toy store with a vibrant atmosphere. They offer a diverse range of toys, including remote-controlled cars, building blocks, creative art sets, and interactive gadgets. Instagram: @toybox.saigon
  4. Kid’s Paradise: Kid’s Paradise is a haven for children of all ages. They specialize in high-quality toys that promote learning and creativity. Their store features a variety of unique toys, including science kits, musical instruments, and role-play sets. Instagram: @kidsparadisesaigon
  5. Panda Toys : Panda Toys is a colorful and playful toy store loved by kids and parents alike. They offer a wide selection of plush toys, board games, outdoor play equipment, and popular character merchandise. Instagram: @pandatoys.saigon
  6. Toy World : Toy World is a well-established toy store that has been serving the community for many years. They have a vast collection of classic and nostalgic toys, as well as the latest trends in the toy industry. Instagram: @toyworldsaigon
  7. SuperKids : SuperKids is a toy store dedicated to providing fun and educational toys for children. They offer a range of products designed to stimulate cognitive development, including puzzles, building sets, and science experiments. Instagram: @superkidssaigon
  8. Toy Galaxy : Toy Galaxy is a spacious and well-stocked toy store that caters to children of all ages. They have a wide variety of toys, including action figures, dolls, arts and crafts supplies, and outdoor play equipment. Instagram: @toygalaxyvn
  9. Wonder World : Wonder World is a whimsical toy store that sparks imagination and creativity. They offer a curated selection of unique and eco-friendly toys, along with educational games, books, and puzzles. Instagram: @wonderworld.saigon
  10. Fun Factory : Fun Factory is a vibrant and interactive toy store that encourages hands-on play. They offer a range of toys, including building blocks, sensory play kits, science experiments, and imaginative playsets. Instagram: @funfactoryvn
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