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Best Traditional Balinese Healing in Bali


Here is a list of some of the best Traditional Balinese healing, alternative medicine & holistic healing

  1. Pak Sirkus (The Balinese Magic Man) – Pak Sirkus, a Balinese healer, is reputed to have performed miraculous healings and is known as Bali’s Magic Man. He uses a stick and his hands to locate and treat physical problems in the body, ranging from broken bones to severe pain and tension. By applying pressure with his stick between the toes, Pak Sirkus identifies different pressure points related to various body parts, and then uses natural oils, pressure point massages, and localized stretching to treat the problems. If you’re planning to visit Pak Sirkus, keep in mind that he is a very popular healer in Bali, and it’s best to arrive early as he works without appointments or fixed prices. His treatment methods can be painful but bearable, and serious injuries and ailments should be treated with care and caution. It is recommended to donate at least IDR 300,000 for his services. You can find him in his home on Jl Pantai Berawa, across from Pels Supershop.
  2. Sami at Bali Chy Healing (Balinese Massage Healing) – Sami is a specialist in Balinese healing massage, as well as an Ayurvedic doctor, coach, and spiritual practitioner who practices at Bali Chy Healing. Sami uses a combination of holistic diagnostics and intuitive methods to identify areas of the body that are holding pain and tension, similar to deep tissue massage. Reflexology, acupressure, Reiki, chakra-balancing, and energy cleansing are all used by Sami to release built-up muscle tension and eliminate negative energy. He then devises a plan to address the problem. If you wish to schedule an appointment with Sami, you can do so through the Bali Chy Healing website, and each session lasts approximately 90 minutes at the Legian-based Bali Chy Healing center. The treatment may cause some discomfort depending on the state of your body, but it is manageable and well worth the effort. The cost of a single session is IDR 750,000.
  3. Agus Sihman (Balinese Palm Reading) – Agus Sihman is known for his extraordinarily long fingernails that curl and twist around themselves. However, his true fascination lies in his ability to read palms. During a reading, he will first examine your body and tell you things about yourself before moving on to your palm. Agus will explain what he sees and ask questions along the way, providing guidance on everything from relationships to important life choices and positive changes. Things to keep in mind before you visit: Agus Sihman conducts his readings in his colorful home, which is set in a beautiful garden. It’s recommended to book an appointment in advance, and you can choose from a 45-minute palm reading to a 2.5-hour aura cleansing and full body reading. His website has a complete list of services, as well as a booking form and directions. The cost of a palm reading starts at USD 40.
  4. Ketut Arsana at Ubud Bodyworks Centre (Mahatma therapist & traditional Balinese healer) – Ketut Arsana established his healing center in 1987, which has now become renowned locally and internationally for his natural healing techniques. He combines Ayurveda and Bali Usadha to offer personalized treatments tailored to individual health and wellness needs. He starts by assessing your condition and performing a body scan to identify the most appropriate treatment. He then employs a variety of therapies, including acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, energy balancing, Chakra healing, and chiropractic manipulation. Things to know before visiting: Ketut Arsana’s treatments are available at the Ubud Bodyworks Centre, which can be booked via their website. You may select from the 30-minute Buddha Kecapi Usada or the 90-minute Soma Usada, which combines Buddha Kecapi Usada and lymphatic herbal scrubbing. The cost for the treatments begins at IDR 650,000.
  5. Jero Balian Mangku I Wayan Sumawijawa (traditional Balinese healer & spiritual ceremony leader) – If you’re interested in a spiritual-based healing experience, you may consider visiting Jero Balian Mangku Sumawijaya, who has been a traditional healer since 1964 and has helped patients with various health issues such as cancer, hernias, and hepatitis. He believes that all “real” Balians should help anyone in need, regardless of their background, and offers healing through rituals, herbal therapy, or spiritual consultation. What to know before you go: Visiting Jero Balian Mangku Sumawijaya’s home may require some effort, so it’s recommended to bring a local friend to help with directions. He opens his home to visitors seeking healing on Bali’s holy days (Kajeng Kliwon) at 4 pm, at his house located in Banjar Sigaran, Mekar Bhuana village, Abiansemal. Although he may not charge for his services due to his beliefs, it’s recommended to make a donation as a token of appreciation.
  6. Kadek Sutarna (spiritual guide & energy healer) – To those who have lived in Ubud for some time, Kadek Sutarna may be a familiar face seen at various festivals and markets. Since he was young, Kadek has developed the ability to read a person’s energetic connections, also known as body scanning, and uses it to enhance one’s health, emotions, and mental clarity. Kadek provides various services based on individual needs, including body scanning, healing consultations, spiritual advice, intuitive healing, and water blessings. If you plan to visit Kadek Sutarna, he offers personalized sessions at his home in Ubud, and occasionally appears at special events. To book a session, you can contact him through his Instagram account. The cost of treatment depends on the type of service you choose.
  7. Pak Merta Ada at Bali Usada Health Meditation – Do you believe in mind over matter? At Pak Merta Ada’s meditation center, you can learn how to achieve holistic health from within. Since 1993, he has taught over 127,000 people, both locally and internationally, in England, Germany, and New Zealand. Pak Merta Ada specializes in Bali Usada health meditation techniques, which is an integrative meditation practice believed to heal various ailments by achieving a harmonious mind. Here’s what you need to know before visiting: In Sanur, Pak Merta Ada and his team offer several programs and retreats both in-person and online. The center’s Joint Practice is available to the public without registration, while the Meditation Programs require registration, which can be found on their website. Prices vary depending on the program you choose.
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