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Best fine dining restaurants in Bali


There are several fine dining awards in Bali that recognize restaurants for their exceptional food and service. Here are a few notable ones

Some of the notable fine dining restaurants in Bali that have won awards for their food and service include:

1. Locavore: This restaurant focuses on locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients and has won several awards for its innovative cuisine and attentive service.


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2. Mozaic: This restaurant combines French and Southeast Asian flavors and has won several awards for its exceptional cuisine and elegant atmosphere.

3. CasCades: This restaurant overlooks a lush valley and serves contemporary European cuisine with an Asian twist. It has won several awards for its romantic atmosphere and attentive service.

4. Sardine: This restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and has won several awards for its farm-to-table cuisine and charming ambiance.


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5. Kubu at Mandapa: This restaurant offers a unique dining experience in a private bamboo cocoon overlooking the Ayung River. It has won several awards for its exceptional service and Mediterranean cuisine.


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6. Sa’Mesa – best experience dinner : his innovative Italian restaurant in Canggu offers an exclusive dining experience. Unlike typical Bali restaurants, Sa’Mesa offers a unique foodie experience where the chef personally prepares a theatrical parade of surprise dishes in the open kitchen each evening. The set menu-style dishes are designed for sharing on long communal tables, and guests are treated to free-flow limoncello throughout the night. Sa’Mesa’s menu changes frequently, but some of the Italian-inspired favorites, such as tuna crudo, chargrilled whole red snapper, and homemade mushroom risotto, are likely to make an appearance. In addition to great food, Sa’Mesa also serves fine wines, signature cocktails, and of course, the delicious homemade limoncello.

7. Tanaman – best plant-based restaurant: The Potato Head Family is known for pushing boundaries and creating innovative experiences, and Tanaman is no exception. This plant-based vegan restaurant is located in a unique space with an otherworldly ambiance and an immersive soundscape. The menu is designed to showcase the natural flavors of plants, from root to fruit, by elevating humble ingredients to new heights. The multi-course tasting menu changes with each season and focuses on one of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, or space. Using both traditional and modern techniques, Tanaman’s chefs create dishes that showcase Indonesia’s tropical flora, revealing their full edible potential. Examples include spinach with lacto-fermented shallot dust and Pepita cream, broccoli with wakame dust, coconut sauce, and chive oil, and seasonal vegetables with black garlic and microgreens.

8. Room4Dessert – If you’re looking for something unique and amazing, then Room4Dessert is the place to be. This late-night venue, run by renowned New Yorker Will Goldfarb, offers a one-of-a-kind experience with elevated sweets and drinks. Indoors, guests can indulge in a degustation menu of avant-garde desserts paired with award-winning cocktails. Alternatively, guests can head to the terrace garden out back for a Spanish tapas-style concept featuring delicious savoury snacks, plated desserts, and locally sourced hand-held petits fours. With such a varied and creative menu, Room4Dessert is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for something different and exciting.


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9. BLANCO Par Mandif – BLANCO Par Mandif is a well-known restaurant among Bali foodies, famous for its ultra-fine Indonesian cuisine served in an elegant and intimate setting. The restaurant, led by Indonesian celebrity chef and restaurateur Mandif Warokka (who also owns Teatro Gastroteque in Seminyak), accommodates only 28 guests each evening, making it an exclusive and sought-after dining destination. The concept of the restaurant is based on degustation, with menus featuring seven courses of exquisite gastronomy, paired with fine wines and cocktails, and precisely explained and served to guests. A signature dish is the butter-poached Jimbaran Bay Rock Lobster served with green pea puree, Kalio curry, and burnt leek. BLANCO Par Mandif is known for its commitment to achieving Michelin stars, and booking one of the limited hot seats is a must for any discerning foodie.


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10. Hujan Locale – To add another feather to his cap, Bali’s famous street food chef Will Meyrick, known for his restaurants such as Sarong, Mama San, Som Chai, and Tiger Palm, has once again put his unique spin on Asia’s popular street food dishes at his latest venture, Hujan Locale in Ubud. This two-story restaurant boasts a diverse menu that blends the flavors and tastes of Will’s signature dishes, such as curries, soups, and noodles, to bridge the gap between casual home-cooked meals and Asian fine dining. Among the standout dishes is the steamed fish with yellow sauce, featuring green and red tomatoes, lemon basil, chilli, and charred sweet corn, served with sambal dabu dabu, which is a personal favorite.


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11. Apéritif – Apéritif is a fine dining restaurant located in the lush jungle valleys of Ubud, and is the second signature restaurant of Viceroy Bali (joining CasCades). The restaurant places emphasis on high-quality ingredients sourced from the hotel’s own greenhouses, as well as from across the island and the world. These top-notch ingredients are then crafted into a multi-course degustation-only menu, featuring dishes like Dutch eel chawanmushi and the signature Venison Wellington served with foie gras and a rendang sauce. The restaurant offers special menus for vegan and vegetarian diners, as well as a lunch menu. The aperitifs at Apéritif are highly impressive, led by the award-winning bartender Ran Van Ongevalle, and are inspired by the Roaring Twenties with a tropical Bali twist.

12. Mauri – Mauri is a fine dining restaurant that embodies a blend of culture, tradition, and a deep love for exquisite cuisine. The restaurant is the brainchild of the acclaimed Chef Maurizio Bombini, who offers his own take on modern Italian dining with unmatched finesse. The finest local ingredients, most of which are grown in Mauri’s rooftop hydroponic garden, are presented in their purest form in a seasonal tasting menu and a la carte options. The dishes are meticulously crafted and presented on GAYA ceramics within a glass-enclosed show kitchen. For an intimate and personalized experience, diners can sit at the five-seat chef’s counter, while those who prefer a more casual setting can relax at the mezzanine bar and lounge, which offers small bites and cocktails served “Aperitivo Style.” With its chic ambiance, Mauri is a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional dining experience.


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13. SI JIN – Si Jin is a highly sought-after restaurant with a waiting list of around three months, which is a testament to its exceptional reputation. This chic eatery is renowned for its contemporary take on Korean-infused steakhouse cuisine, and attracts a discerning clientele of food enthusiasts from around the world. Be sure to sample their mouth-watering 60-day aged Sumatran bone-in and their signature black striploin, as well as their delicious Korean namul dish featuring roasted sesame, crispy garlic rayu and silken tofu. And don’t forget to indulge in their knockout cocktails, such as the tipsy Jamaican and Ticket to Seoul.


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14. Mama San – Mama San, the popular restaurant in Seminyak, is a sibling to Sarong and has gained fame for its chef Will Meyrick. Mama San provides a relaxed atmosphere compared to the Sarong’s fine dining experience, with a focus on sharing street food delights, innovative cocktails, and a raw food menu, all within an ambiance that evokes old Shanghai and gentlemen’s clubs. Mama San’s packed crowds every night are a testament to its exceptional reputation.


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15. The Restaurant – The Restaurant at The Legian Bali is a fine dining establishment that has won multiple awards and boasts stunning brasserie-style interiors. Overseen by Michelin-starred chef Stephane Gortina, the menu blends Asian influences and local ingredients with European culinary techniques, showcasing the best produce from Bali. For a truly exceptional dining experience, try the Indonesian-inspired menu featuring the restaurant’s top dishes, which pair perfectly with a glass of wine and a picturesque view of the Indian Ocean. A must-try is the Grilled Batik Lobster with eggplant caviar, best paired with a Californian Sauvignon Blanc.

16. The Plantation Grill – The Plantation Grill, located at Double-Six Luxury Hotel in Seminyak, is a glamorous dining venue that exudes the opulence of the colonial era. The menu is equally impressive, offering delectable dishes like oysters, T-Bone steaks, jumbo Tiger prawns, and grilled crispy pork belly that are all cooked over custom-made coal and wood grills and wood-fired ovens. One must-try dessert is the famous flambeed Bombe Alaska. And if you’re up for a nightcap after dinner, the Sunset Bar upstairs has expert bartenders who can mix up something to your liking.

17. Skool Kitchen – Skool Kitchen is the latest addition to Canggu’s oceanfront dining scene and has gained credibility with the support of renowned foodies in Bali. Tai Buddha and Adam McAsey have created a restaurant where every dish has a distinctive smoky flavor. The menu is a fusion of contemporary and rustic cuisine, where natural wood and charcoal embers are the main cooking elements. The woodfired bone marrow, Wagyu striploin with confit garlic, and the charred cauliflower with miso and creme fraiche are some of the menu’s highlights. Skool Kitchen’s cocktails also reflect the restaurant’s fiery character, with the Burnt Lemon Daiquiri being a perfect accompaniment to a stunning Bali sunset.


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18. Luma – Luma is a remarkable Mediterranean restaurant created by the collaboration of two acclaimed chefs, Cameron Emirali of 10 Greek Street in London and Kieran Morland of Sangsaka and Merah Putih in Seminyak. Their menu features rustic cuisine that blends classic Southern European traditions with local ingredients from Bali and nearby islands. Some delectable examples include pearl scallop tartare, pork and duck terrine with pear chutney, and whole Snapper with school prawns, artichokes, and capers. The centerpiece of Luma’s dazzling kitchen is its charcoal grill and custom-made wood fire oven, which are visible to diners. The wine list, carefully curated and featuring hand-written rare finds, is unparalleled, while the cocktail menu uses local ingredients to put a tropical twist on the classics.


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19. Mason – Mason is a restaurant in Canggu, operated by a skilled team of hospitality professionals, and their expertise is apparent. Situated near Batu Bolong beach, Mason specializes in premium quality seafood and meat that is carefully sourced from local suppliers, in addition to homemade dips, cheese, and vegetable dishes. The food is presented in a simple and genuine manner, allowing the quality and taste to speak for themselves. The hummus with burnt chili butter, honey-fried halloumi, smoked tuna dip, and slow-cooked short rib that’s been slow-cooked for 48 hours are some of the restaurant’s most delectable dishes. Mason also serves fantastic cocktails.


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