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Best hidden bars in Singapore


Here are some of the best hidden bars and secret speakeasies in Singapore along with the services they offer:

1. Operation Dagger – A cocktail bar with an industrial-chic vibe hidden in a basement location, offering creative cocktails using experimental techniques.

2. Employees Only – An upscale New York-style speakeasy, offering classic cocktails and delicious bites.

3. 28 HongKong Street – You won’t find any grand PR campaigns or flashy signboards at 28 HongKong Street, a bar that made a name for itself by completely disregarding conventional marketing tactics. The entrance to this covert establishment is plain and unassuming, reflecting its emphasis on privacy and tranquility. Once inside, however, you can let loose with a bunch of buddies and have a good time. For those who enjoy their libations, the bar is known for serving larger shots than the typical 30ml measure. Due to its immense popularity, it is essential to make reservations in advance, as tables fill up fast. 28 HongKong Street, 28 HongKong Street, Singapore 059667.

4. The Library – A hidden bar with a library theme, offering creative cocktails and a cozy atmosphere.

5. The Secret Mermaid – The Secret Mermaid is a Japanese restaurant that transforms into a bar and liquor store at night. Their cocktail menu is influenced by tarot cards, and customers are encouraged to select a drink that speaks to them. If you’re having trouble choosing, try the Rotating Cocktail, which changes weekly. The emphasis is on the excitement of exploring new drinks, so sample some of their tasting flights to expand your knowledge of different types of alcohol. The Secret Mermaid is located in Ocean Financial Centre, at #B1-09, on 10 Collyer Quay in Singapore.

6. The Other Room – The term “speakeasy” is commonly used nowadays, but The Other Room is a rare find in Singapore, as it is truly hidden and has very little online presence. This bar caters to sophisticated drinkers, offering skillfully made cocktails that blend classic recipes with modern touches. Located at #01-05, Marriott Hotel Singapore, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865.


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7. Bitters & Love – Despite the boarded-up shopfront and random scribbles, Bitters & Love is a lively and thriving hidden bar in Singapore. Once you open the door, you’ll find a bustling atmosphere inside. You don’t need to look at the menu because the bartenders will create a drink based on your drink preferences. The whimsical food menu also ensures that you’ll never go hungry while enjoying your drinks. Additionally, you can order DIY cocktail sets that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. You can find Bitters & Love at 118 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068587.

8. Nutmeg & Clove – A local bar with a colonial-inspired décor, offering classic cocktails with a modern twist and a selection of Asian-inspired drinks.


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9. Smoke & Mirrors – A rooftop bar with stunning views of the city skyline, offering creative cocktails and a sophisticated atmosphere.

10. Goho – Enter into the secret retreat of Goho, which is located above the handroll bar Rappu, and is a small and cozy space that offers a perfect break from the chaos of the city. This exclusive spot offers the finest kaiseki cuisine and Japanese cocktails. The drinks are as exceptional as the kaiseki menu and the drink menu changes with each season, so it’s best to check the website for updates. If you’re unsure about what to order, the amiable staff is always available to provide suggestions. Visit Goho at 53A Duxton Road, Singapore 089517, with access through Rappu’s entrance.

11. The Hidden Story – Do not be afraid when you enter the freezer door of this steakhouse, which leads to The Hidden Story, a speakeasy that takes inspiration from bars of the Prohibition era. Upon entering, you will be welcomed by antique furnishings, including comfortable sofas, custom-made Tiffany lamps, and the bar, which is the highlight of the space. The bar is made of an onyx slab wrapped in Peranakan tiles. The drinks served at the speakeasy are inspired by the Peranakan history of the Katong neighborhood. The Hidden Story is located within Stirling Steaks at 115A East Coast Road, Singapore 428804.


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12. The Dragon Chamber – The Dragon Chamber is a secret bar and restaurant located behind a beer fridge in a kopitiam, offering a spacious area that can accommodate 93 people. The establishment takes pride in its unconventional guerilla-style menu featuring unique Chinese cuisine and a distinct beverage selection. The Land of the Rising Sun, a delightful cocktail made with yuzu-infused bourbon and elderflower liqueur, is one of our favorites.

13. Mama Diam – Do you recall how you and your friends used to enjoy inexpensive sodas and candies at the mama shop after school? Mama Diam is reminiscent of those old school days, with a setting and menu that bring back Singapore’s cultural heritage nostalgia. As you sip on pandan or sour plum cocktails, you can relive those void deck days. In the outdoor area of the bar, you can relax on the HDB stools. Mama Diam is situated at 38 Prinsep Street, #01-01, Singapore 188665.


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14. BeGin – Get ready to embark on a gin-infused journey with BeGin, a hidden lounge located above The Penny Black, an English pub at Boat Quay. This speakeasy-style bar is easy to miss but once you spot it, you’ll find yourself in an eclectic and unique setting that takes inspiration from Britain’s Industrial Revolution and the 1700s gin craze. The menu offers a variety of British- and Indian-inspired cocktails and over 50 gins from around the world. The drinks are not only delicious but also presented theatrically, creating a multi-sensory experience for visitors.


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15. The Elephant Room – Located on the second floor of a shophouse along Keong Saik Road, The Elephant Room is one of the many bars in the area. Drawing inspiration from Indian culture, the bar is decorated with vermillion-colored walls, lattice or jaali-patterned surfaces, and traditional sarong or lungi-embroidered coasters. For a unique drinking experience, patrons can indulge in creative cocktails such as The New Mango, made with terai gin, white sesame drop, acid-washed green mangoes, and a cube of Indian cheese.

16. Live Twice – Located in the former Flagship space, offers a transformative experience that transports you to a different world. The ambiance is reminiscent of Wong Kar-wai films, with subdued lighting, wooden interiors, and an eclectic playlist in the background. You won’t find sugary cocktails at this hidden bar, as the menu features a selection of strong, spirit-forward drinks. One such concoction is the Mizuwari, a combination of Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky and Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky that is steeped in Hokkaido soft water for a minimum of three days, resulting in a smooth and potent beverage.


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17. Colbar – You can take a nostalgic trip back to the 1950s at this charming colonial bar. Originally a canteen for the British Army in 1953, Colbar is nestled along Whitchurch Road. This bar offers a variety of craft beers and tasty Hainanese and Western food, but its unique charm lies in its ambiance. With vintage items like an old weighing machine and photographs of the Colbar Football Club on display, this casual watering hole offers a glimpse into old Singapore. Colbar is located at 9A Whitchurch Road, Singapore 138839.

18. Junior The Pocket Bar – This pocket bar has relocated to the Ann Siang Hill area, and although it has a larger space now, it maintains its low-key, speakeasy vibe. Additionally, its drink menu changes regularly, providing visitors with a unique experience each time they visit during various holiday seasons. The bar’s name is Junior The Pocket Bar, and it’s located at 6 Ann Siang Hill in Singapore, with an address of 069787.

19. Native – If you manage to navigate the labyrinthine streets and find yourself at Native, an award-winning hidden bar, you’ll be rewarded with a unique drinking experience. Tucked away on the second floor of an unremarkable shophouse, this bar offers a concise menu of cocktails that are frequently updated. The innovative mixologist, Vijay Mudaliar, draws inspiration from the local environment and forages for ingredients in the surrounding area. In addition to the fascinating cocktails, patrons can take a tour of the microdistillery above the bar for a boozy education. Native is located at 52A Amoy Street, Singapore 069878.


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20. Roxy Bar – If you enter through the unmarked door located in the loading dock of The Sail at Marina Bay, you’ll come across the Roxy Bar, a concealed cocktail bar and spirits room. This bar’s ambiance is similar to the back rooms and rock and roll nightclubs of Manhattan in the 1970s. The bar’s drink menu is curated with spirit-forward cocktails that are inspired by legendary musicians like David Bowie and Sting. To start the evening off right, try the Party Penicillin cocktail. Visit the Roxy Bar at #01-17, The Sail at Marina Bay, 6 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018985.


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21. Bincho – This grungy yakitori restaurant bar is concealed behind a 70-year-old mee pok stall that operates during the day. Chef Asai Masashi runs this open-concept establishment that specializes in grilled chicken bites. If you arrive after the mee pok stall’s closing time, you can access the bar through its inconspicuous entrance in the open-air carpark, which has a subtle gold lettering sign that is easily missed. Alternatively, you can enter through the front. The cocktail menu features quirky names inspired by vintage Japanese films. The bar’s name is Bincho, and it is located at #01-19, 78 Moh Guan Terrace, Singapore 162078.


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