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Market Marvels: The Top 10 Bazaars and Street Markets in Singapore


There are many things to do in Singapore for vacation, fun, and shopping. If you are looking for a shopping center or market in Singapore, you are in the right place. Below are the top ten bazaars and street markets in Singapore that you must try and visit.

1. Bugis Street Market

One of the liveliest street markets catering to all your souvenir desires is Bugis Street Market. It features a wide array of inexpensive, colorful, and flashy items, such as affordable jewelry and vibrant bags that will surely catch your eye. Feel free to negotiate prices, as there are ample opportunities to secure a deal!

Address: 3 New Bugis Street

2. Chinatown Street Market

Searching for unique items? Consider wedding chopsticks and traditional Chinese garments. Your quest ends at one of Singapore’s finest night markets situated in the heart of Chinatown. Explore authentic calligraphy scrolls and charming waving fortune cats. The array of visually stunning items will captivate your gaze. Don’t miss out on indulging in various dim sum restaurants and bakeries for a delightful break during your bustling shopping spree.

Address: Chinatown, Pagoda Street, Trengganu Street, Sago Street, 050005 Smith St, Singapore

3. So Galem Market

Being in Singapore at the right time is crucial if you want to visit this market, as the operating hours may vary. This lively flea market showcases a variety of homemade beauty products, flowers, henna, candles, and more, providing a sensory delight. Additionally, visitors can explore pop-up shops offering delicious snacks and drinks. A special tip is to partake in traditional Kampong games such as spinning tops and five stones while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

Address: 385 Beach Rd., Singapore

4. Katong Square

Situated in the Peranakan area of Katong, this spot holds special appeal for vintage enthusiasts. Whether you’re interested in watches, jewelry, vinyl records, or other artifacts, it’s the go-to place for discovering unique items for your home decor. You can indulge in their Katong laksa or kaya toast to round off an exciting day of shopping. The advice is to take your time exploring several booths before uncovering your vintage treasure.

Address: 86-88 East Coast Road, Singapore

5. Maxwell Hawkers’ Center


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Located in Chinatown and neighboring the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, Maxwell Hawkers’ Centre serves as a popular stop for numerous tourists. Among its renowned stalls is the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice stall, known for its delectable chicken rice, considered one of the finest in Singapore. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake and the highly acclaimed Hoe Kee Porridge while you’re here.

Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore

6. Market of Artists and Designers

Explore Singapore’s local makers and artists at the Market of Artists and Designers, where unique trinkets and original goods take center stage. This market is renowned for its distinctive offerings, allowing visitors to appreciate the craftsmanship of the designers. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch live performances by local bands; make sure to check their schedules in advance. Be prepared with ample cash to bring home some truly exquisite handcrafted treasures from this market.

Address: Red Dot Design Museum, 11, Marina Boulevard, Singapore

7. Tekka Center


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The Tekka Centre is a paradise for high-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, and halal meats. Additionally, visitors can explore clothing and hardware stores located on the upper floor of the center. The hawker stalls offer a diverse selection of delicious foods, and it is recommended to inquire about the best produce available on the day of your visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their reasonably priced Biryani.

Address: Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore

8. Geylang Serai market

Geylang Serai Market is located on Sims Street, one of Singapore’s bustling thoroughfares. This local market offers a diverse array of food items, attracting a significant number of Malay Muslims, especially during the Ramadan season, to purchase their essential goods. Comprising 42 distinct halls, this extensive bazaar enjoys widespread popularity among the local populace. Fasting individuals in Singapore often visit Indian and Malay restaurants within this market for iftar, coming together with their families to break their fast in these establishments.

Address: 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001

9. Shiok-Shiok Night Market

With the closure of the Golden Mile Complex, our options for satisfying late-night Thai food cravings have dwindled. In our pursuit of more authentic Thai cuisine, we decided to explore the Shiok Shiok Night Market on Orchard Road, which operates 24 hours. The vibrant ambiance, defined by open-air dining and Thai pop music, effectively transported us to the lively streets of Thailand. This atmosphere naturally inspired us to try dishes that are less commonly found in Thai restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 100 Orchard Rd, Singapura 238840

10. Redhill Market

Redhill Market is widely regarded as a top-notch choice that instills confidence. Situated at 79 Redhill Lane, Singapore, it is a reliable destination for both those seeking a location and services associated with the market. The establishment is committed to guaranteeing optimal value for your money, emphasizing excellence in customer service, and the quality of products or services. The overarching goal of Redhill Market is to deliver a positive and satisfactory experience to all patrons.

Address: 79 Redhill Ln, Singapore 150079


Here are the top ten bazaars and street markets in Singapore that you must visit. Many items and foods there are unique and undoubtedly interesting. Thank you for reading the information from Food Paradise; hopefully, it was useful for you.

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