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Neighborhood Gems: The Top 10 Hidden Treasures in Singapore’s Local Areas


However, beyond its impressive art galleries, top-notch dining establishments, and popular tourist attractions, the city also harbors hidden gems and lesser-known treasures. Step away from the hectic pace and explore the top ten clandestine delights tucked away in Singapore’s local neighborhoods below.

1. Yunan Garden


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Disregarding the tempting lyrics suggesting the pursuit of waterfalls, let’s shift our focus to a particular cascade worth exploring. Located in the westernmost part of Singapore is Yunnan Garden. Taking inspiration from richly landscaped traditional Chinese gardens, this park showcases numerous elements and structures that pay homage to literature, culture, and architecture. Furthermore, the park functions as an educational hub with its 19 routes and trails, including herbal and culinary pathways, as well as art and literature trails. Explore these designated routes to encounter a diverse array of plants, herbs, and flowers corresponding to each trail category.

2. Boh Geh Uncle Canteen

Seletar boasts several spaces that transport you back in time, and Boh Geh Uncle Canteen is undeniably one of those places. This makeshift canteen is a favorite among locals working in the area, as well as cyclists, joggers, and the curious-minded. The ambiance at this corner remains reminiscent of the late 60s, with patrons seated on unsteady tables and a mix of stools and benches beneath a makeshift canopy. The food options are limited to three stalls – a mixed rice shop, a Muslim food stall, and a beverage stall managed by Boh Geh Uncle himself, who is also the proprietor. Prices for both food and drinks are exceptionally affordable.

3. Seng Chew Quarry


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Touted for its purportedly enchanted water, the Seng Chew Quarry in Bukit Gombak stands as a relic from Singapore’s mining boom. However, unlike its more conspicuous counterparts, this quarry is not easily accessible. While it isn’t entirely off-limits, the site remains largely undeveloped and poses potential hazards. Nestled behind a residential block in Bukit Gombak, this concealed quarry should be approached with caution due to mosquitoes and muddy trails. Nonetheless, the scenic vistas make the ascent worthwhile.

4. Jurong Eco Garden

Nestled within the industrial CleanTech Park in Jurong is a serene eco-garden spanning five hectares, encompassing four distinct zones: the Summit Forest, the Wildlife Corridor, the Stream Ravine, and the Freshwater Swamp Forest. This eco-garden serves as a habitat for various flora and fauna, including diverse butterfly species, birds, and dragonflies.

5. Bukit Batok Hillside Nature Park


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Nestled near the renowned Little Guilin in Bukit Batok Town Park is the abandoned Bukit Batok Hillside Nature Park. Just a short 10-minute walk from Bukit Gombak MRT station, this area invites you to embrace a bit of dirt for exploration. The once-established trails have largely succumbed to vegetation, yet the discernible path left by the footsteps of many beckons the adventurous soul to follow.

6. Clementi Forest


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The rail corridor was formerly a railway line used for commuting and transporting goods between Singapore and the broader Malay Peninsula. Explore the pristine Clementi Forest, just a 10-minute distance from the former Bukit Timah Railway Station, but be prepared to venture off the established trail. Navigate through muddy paths and trails to encounter a vast valley, or wade through dense vegetation to reveal remnants of old rail tracks leading to the nearby Maju Forest. A helpful tip: wear appropriate hiking shoes to maneuver the muddy terrain and knee-high grass.

7. Bollywood Veggies


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Embarking on a journey to Bollywood Veggies marks the beginning of an exhilarating adventure. Traverse through the rustic landscapes of Kranji in Singapore, and you might find yourself transported to a locale that seems beyond the confines of the country. Upon arrival, immerse yourself in exploring the farm by following a trail that winds through various fruit trees, vegetables, an irrigation pond, and an abundance of banana trees of diverse varieties.

8. Marsiling WWII Tunnel & Naval Base


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The underground tunnel, located deep within the dense Marsiling jungle between Admiralty Road West and Marsiling Crescent, was originally constructed by the British as a storage facility to supply oil for the British Royal Air Force. After Singapore gained independence in 1965, the tunnel was abandoned. If you’re considering venturing into the underground passage, make sure to outfit yourself with robust gear, as maneuvering through the jungle demands considerable exertion. Look out for a rope near the small entrance, and remember to switch on your headlight before squeezing through, as the bunker is completely dark.

9. Hampstead Wetlands Park

While The Oval at Seletar Aerospace attracts a bustling brunch crowd, adjacent to it lies the serene Hampstead Wetlands Park. Despite being a small oasis of greenery in an industrial setting, this former marshland has been transformed into a picturesque English garden, complete with a pond adorned with lily pads. A brief trail loop allows visitors to meander through the wooded area and along the water’s edge. The entire park can be easily explored in under 30 minutes, but it’s essential to maintain a peaceful atmosphere, as it is a favored location for birdwatchers in Singapore.

10. Seletar Fishing Village

In Seletar, this concealed location may appear as an unassuming and deserted village from the exterior. Situated near popular spots such as Rower’s Bay Park, Yishun Dam, and Seletar Airport. While the village and Jenal Jetty are restricted to the public, those with curiosity can opt for private tours to gain a closer insight into the fishing community and its daily activities. Recognized by cyclists and adventurers, the small beach area and adjacent breakwater are regarded as a hidden gem – potentially the finest spot to witness the sunset in Singapore. 


Thank you for exploring the Food Paradise information on the top ten hidden treasures in the local areas of Singapore. Hopefully, it will be useful for those who plan to visit or want to learn more.


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