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Street Art Expedition: Navigating the Top 10 Urban Art Masterpieces in Bangkok


There are many things to explore in Bangkok, one of which is urban art which is everywhere. Below is a guide to navigating the top ten urban art masterpieces in Bangkok.

1. Soi Charoeng Krung 32

Thanks to the Bukruk Urban Arts Festival, the walls of Soi Charoenkrung 32, which were previously overlooked, are now adorned with murals created by various Thai and international street artists. Among the notable artworks are the three-eyed Child crafted by Alex Face, a lively bear character by Bonus TMC, enigmatic portraits by Kult, and vibrant spray-painted art by Lolay.

2. Soi Charoen Krung 28

Three remarkable urban artworks are worth exploring along this street. At the start of the lane, you’ll encounter “Pukruk” by Meubon, a vibrantly adorned bird skillfully navigating a unicycle. Just beneath this expansive painting, a monochromatic mural by Korean artist Daehyun Kim captures attention. Across the street, on another building, a vivid creation by Romanian painter, illustrator, and street artist Raul Oprea Sebastian, also known as Saddo, awaits discovery. Saddo’s pieces frequently draw inspiration from pop surrealism, mythology, and religious symbolism.

3. San Chaorong Kuak Alley

The narrow alley places a strong emphasis on street art, with each piece accompanied by its description. The collection features expansive murals portraying lifelike scenes and life-sized artworks that celebrate the prevalent Chinese culture in the neighborhood. Notable examples include “The Lion Care” by Bonus TMC, drawing inspiration from the traditional lion dances once performed in the community, and a representation of a revered turtle by DR.CAS, inspired by the festival where locals pay homage to the turtle and seek blessings for longevity. As you continue along the alley, you’ll encounter murals seamlessly blending with the local surroundings.

4. Soi Charoen Krung 30


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This narrow street hosts two impressive and attention-grabbing artworks. One is “Scratching the Surface,” a remarkable wall carving created by the renowned Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils. This artwork graces the front wall of the Embassy of Portugal. The second piece features stencil work by the internationally acclaimed Italian artists Sten and Lex, adorning the entire facade of a building.

5. Song Wat Road

This historic thoroughfare features three expansive murals, all crafted by renowned international artists. The initial artwork that greets you as you enter the road from Wat Pathum Khongkah depicts two elephants. As you stroll along the pathway, you’ll encounter two imposing artworks situated across from each other in a parking lot with a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River. To your left stands a pair of elephants, skillfully painted by Roa, a Belgian graffiti artist known for his portrayal of indigenous animals. On the opposite side, facing the elephants, you’ll find blue bicycles brought to life by the talent of Spanish street artist Aryz.

6. Pathumwan Sky Walk

For additional evidence showcasing that street art has transcended mere colorful vandalism in Bangkok, one needs only to wander along the skywalk linking the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC), Siam Discovery, and MBK. Here, mushroom-shaped installations adorned with creations from esteemed local artists like Peerapong Limthamrong (aka P7), Yuree Kensaku, and JECK BKK vividly illustrate the transformation of street art into a recognized form of artistic expression.

7. Chalermla Park

The inaugural Bukruk Festival revitalized an overlooked public park, transforming it into a vibrant outdoor space adorned with graffiti and murals covering every surface. The art showcased contributions from renowned Thai artists such as Alex Face and An Officer Dies, as well as numerous pieces by anonymous creators.

8. Telat Noi

Talat Noi may be the least likely location to find Gen Z individuals, avid social media users, tourists, or locals. At first glance, this visually ancient section of Bangkok’s Chinatown seems to embody a slow, unchanging lifestyle that typically repels such a demographic. Despite the presence of relatively recent hotels and government structures, the age of the surroundings is evident in the buildings throughout this area.

9. Hello Bangkok


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“Hello Bangkok” street art beautifully captures the lively spirit of the city through compelling visual expressions. Adorning urban walls, these artworks skillfully fuse traditional Thai elements with a modern twist, resulting in a vibrant and inviting ambiance. The incorporation of vivid colors and intricate details mirrors the dynamic essence of Bangkok, encouraging both residents and tourists to connect with the city’s diverse cultural heritage through the medium of street art.

10. Soi Chok Chai 4

Chok Chai 4 has enthusiastically welcomed the introduction of the new train line, transforming into a lively hub for street art with the enchanting Lud Pon Festival taking center stage. This dynamic event has revitalized an abandoned building at the heart of Chok Chai 4 market, turning it into an art sanctuary that showcases the remarkable creations of Thailand’s most skilled street artists. Renowned artists such as Alex Face, Himbad, Bonus, Asin, Dark1, Chun Smith, Pakorn, Panda Dew, Mr.Bows, Komkrit, D.o.D, Loboboy, Bongo, Sorimeo, and Mxrnies are featured, each drawing inspiration from the concept of liberation, breaking free from constraints, and expressing their distinct individuality.


Thank you for taking the time to read interesting information about urban art in Bangkok with Food Paradise. Hopefully, this information can be a plan for you to explore Bangkok.


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