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Where to eat in Uluwatu, Bali


There are many great places to eat in Uluwatu, Bali that provide excellent service. Here are some recommendations:

  1. The Warung at Alila Villas Uluwatu – This restaurant offers an extensive menu of Indonesian and Balinese cuisine with an amazing view of the ocean. The service is impeccable and the staff is attentive and friendly.
  2. Single Fin Bali – Located on the cliffs of Uluwatu, Single Fin Bali is a popular restaurant and bar with stunning views of the ocean. The food is delicious, the drinks are refreshing, and the service is exceptional.
  3. The Mango Tree Cafe – This cozy cafe serves healthy and delicious meals made with fresh ingredients. The service is attentive and the staff is friendly.
  4. Rock Bar Bali – The Rock Bar is located on a rocky outcrop on the ocean, and offers breathtaking views of the sunset. The food and drinks are excellent, and the service is top-notch.
  5. Bukit Cafe – This cafe offers a wide range of healthy and delicious food, including vegetarian and vegan options. The service is excellent and the staff is friendly.
  6. Balique Restaurant – Balique offers an eclectic menu of international cuisine in a beautiful setting. The service is attentive and the staff is knowledgeable about the menu.
  7. Banana Lounge Bali – Come to Banana Lounge Bali with both your appetite and your bikini because it is the newest pool lounge and restaurant in Bingin. You can indulge in the wholesome menu all day long, savor the carefully curated cocktail list, and relax by the poolside while enjoying the sunny and breezy Bingin vibes. The best way to experience Banana Lounge Bali is to start early with a delicious brunch, refreshing smoothies, and freshly brewed coffee, then stay for the afternoon to enjoy dishes such as pan-roasted baby snapper, Caesar salads, chicken skewers, and the creamy burrata cheese. You can also order a bottle of bubbles
  8. Ours Bali – Ours Bali is a restaurant and cafe located in Uluwatu that has elevated the gourmet scene in the Bukit. Its menu has a trendy, beachy vibe similar to what you might find in Bondi Beach, and its interior design blends Balinese open-living, Scandinavian architecture, and Mediterranean flavor. But what really sets Ours Bali apart is the exceptional taste of its food. For breakfast, you can enjoy Moroccan fried eggs on chargrilled spicy sourdough, followed by crispy skin salmon bowls for lunch, and chicken stroganoff for dinner. These dishes pair perfectly with Ours’ list of classic cocktails. Furthermore, the restaurant emphasizes the use of high-quality local ingredients and a sustainable approach to food, making it a guilt-free dining experience.
  9. The Cashew Tree – Located very close to the cliff tops of Bingin, The Cashew Tree offers a variety of dining options suitable for families, including brunches and lunches in an outdoor dining area, as well as live acoustic performances in the evenings. The menu is extensive and presented in a café-style, with fresh, healthy, and organic options, including many vegetarian and vegan dishes, as well as delicious platters of fries and an impressive list of cocktails. In addition, the Bali Training Centre is located at the venue, which means you can even fit a workout into your morning routine before enjoying your coffee.
  10. Drifter Surf – Drifter is a shop that celebrates everything related to classic surfing culture, and it proudly showcases its vintage aesthetic by offering a collection of underground labels and an array of beautiful art inspired by the ocean. After exploring the store, head to the serene garden café at the back, where you can enjoy excellent coffee and a variety of nutritious and tasty dishes. The menu includes breakfast plates and rice paper rolls during the day, as well as Balinese curries and grilled fish at night. We love trying out all the dishes on the menu at Drifter. On Fridays, you may even have the chance to catch a live band or watch a movie under the stars in the outdoor seating area.
  11. Kelly’s Warung – Kelly’s is a well-known establishment located at the bottom of the cliffs on Bingin Beach, and it’s highly regarded in the area. Its prime location offers breathtaking views of the famous waves, and visitors can access the beach via a set of steps. It’s an excellent place to spend a leisurely day in Bingin. The food at Kelly’s is simple, healthy, and satisfying, and the drink list is refreshing, with some of the coldest beers available. We recommend trying the colorful Pitaya Bowl for breakfast and the generous wraps for a post-surf lunch. The second floor has a relaxing lounge area with a boho-chic ambiance, which we absolutely love.
  12. Gooseberry Cafe & Boutique – The same team behind Bali’s highly regarded lingerie and swimwear brand, Gooseberry Intimates, runs Gooseberry Cafe & Boutique. Located above Bingin Beach, this cafe is a modern culinary haven with air-conditioned interiors, a sun-drenched pool, and delicious dishes. Start your day with the cafe’s breakfast and lunch staples, such as French crepes, creamy burrata, and truffle gnocchi. For dinner, indulge in the wood-fired oven dishes, which include smoking Balinese black pig or grilled-to-order beef skewers. Gooseberry Cafe & Boutique is a tropical oasis that offers something for everyone.
  13. Suka Espresso – Suka is a popular destination for brunch enthusiasts seeking a delicious morning or lunchtime meal. The menu is concise but impressive, with the avocado smash being a particular standout dish. Additionally, Suka is a popular coffee spot, with beans sourced in small batches from Indonesia and South America to create the perfect cup of coffee. For those looking for a tropical location to satisfy their daily brunch and coffee cravings, Suka is a must-visit spot.
  14. Alchemy Uluwatu – Alchemy, Bali’s original vegan restaurant and an Ubud landmark, now has a new location in the quiet Bingin neighborhood of Uluwatu. Alchemy Uluwatu continues to prioritize Mother Nature by using all-natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients. Their menu features wholesome, raw, and gluten-free plant-based cuisine, including colorful salad bowls, chunky sandwiches, and an all-day breakfast menu. Start your day with a Turmeric Latte and grab a Spinach Mushroom Quiche between surf sessions. For dinner, indulge in a shared Pumpkin Moringa pizza with homemade kombucha from Alchemy. The interiors feature a barn-like atmosphere, a fire pit, and lush green gardens that we adore.
  15. Ulu Garden – Ulu Garden is a hospitality space located behind Uluwatu’s popular area where visitors can drop by for brunch, listen to live acoustic music while sipping cocktails, or work remotely while overlooking the lush tropical garden. The restaurant offers healthy and tasty dishes that are balanced with protein, carbs, and vegetables, such as the Roasted Veggie Bowl with kale, pumpkin, zucchini, cassava, quinoa, and green tahini or the Lemony Tuna with asparagus, green papaya, sweet potato, and coconut kemangi. For kids, there is a playground filled with toys and games to keep them entertained. Additionally, Ulu Garden hosts various events such as Bahasa classes, workshops, special dinners, and live music performances by Bali’s famous reggae band, Ulu Roots. On the first Sunday of each month, they also hold a Sunday market that features community vibes, art, homewares, and kid’s clothing. Make sure to check their Instagram schedule for updates.
  16. Sundays Beach Club – Located on Bali’s southern coast, this beach club exudes a Sunday-like vibe all week long. Sundays Beach Club is a beautiful venue that offers a blend of Robinson Crusoe and St. Tropez styles. You can indulge in a range of beach-appropriate dishes, such as smoothie bowls, fish and chips, gourmet Nasi Goreng, and hot pizzas, from midday until dinner. You can relax on loungers by the ocean that resembles a lagoon, or dine in the rustic yet elegant bamboo restaurant. Furthermore, as the day progresses, you can enjoy a bonfire seat on beanbags for the best sunset view. This establishment, which is favored by Honeycombers, also has a well-crafted drink menu.
  17. Lands End Cafe – Lands End Cafe is a popular spot for organic and healthy food in Uluwatu. It is an open-air roadside restaurant that attracts both local expats and visitors for their delicious pre- and post-surf meals. The menu includes nourishing breakfast options, hearty lunch bowls, and homemade vegan desserts, all made with locally-sourced ingredients. We love starting our day here with a vibrant smoothie bowl and a plate of waffles topped with fresh tropical fruits. There are plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten-free diets, which are clearly labeled on the wall. Whether you opt for a loaded wrap or a green salad, Lands End Cafe is the perfect spot for a healthy and satisfying meal.
  18. Tarabelle Coffee & Eats – Tarabelle Coffee & Eats is a cafe that specializes in serving a variety of dishes, including doughnuts. It is located on the main road that leads to Uluwatu and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day. The breakfast menu offers classic options like eggs benny or the more adventurous Kimchi Scramble. The lunch menu features popular items such as burgers, pasta, poke bowls, and wraps. The chicken karaage burger and pesto pasta are highly recommended. Tarabelle also hosts acoustic nights, which you can check on their calendar. For drinks, you can try Bali’s traditional cold drink, jamu, or indulge in a peanut butter caramel popcorn milkshake. In addition to their food menu, they also have an artisan doughnut counter for those with a sweet tooth.
  19. The Loft – The Loft, which originated in Bondi, Australia, has found a new home in Uluwatu, Bali, and it’s definitely a place to satisfy your hunger. This establishment offers all of The Loft’s classic dishes, including award-winning poke bowls and delicious breakfast items like vegan waffles. You can also enjoy a variety of hearty options for dinner, such as burgers, meatballs, and Mexican dishes. It’s no surprise that The Loft has become a popular spot for the stylish crowd, as it features an airy, warehouse-style dining room adorned with indoor palm trees and outdoor seating. Additionally, there is a charming boutique on site where you can shop for all of your beach essentials before or after enjoying a meal or a cocktail.
  20. Nourish – Nourish is a café and pizzeria that provides nutrient-rich food, cold-pressed juices, salads, and superfood bowls that are delicious, organic, and sourced locally. With two locations in Bukit – one in Ungasan and the other in Bingin, the latter of which includes a gourmet wholefoods store. They prioritize high-quality ingredients and strive to use as many organic, locally-sourced products as possible. Their menu includes dishes such as Smashed Avo Stack, Green Bowl, and Vegan Morning Glory, which comes with a plant-based “fried egg”. You can also buy nutritious snacks and items from their store.
  21. El Merkat – El Merkat is the second business from the group that owns El Kabron. This eatery is a perfect spot for a late breakfast, brunch, or lunch during your stay in Bukit. The atmosphere is light and airy, with Spanish-inspired dishes such as stacked bocadillo sandwiches and filling salads. Their beverages include top-quality coffee, cold-pressed juices, and wine. El Merkat is located on the main road that runs past Dreamland, making it an ideal spot to grab some takeaway food for a picnic on one of Bukit’s beaches.
  22. Bali Buda – Bali Buda is a long-standing establishment that features a combination of an organic restaurant and a grocery store offering fresh ingredients and produce. This Bali icon has been around for 25 years and provides a cozy café environment without Wi-Fi, serving a range of raw vegan dishes, hearty soups, big salad bowls, and GMO-free tofu. Bali Buda is a well-known spot on the island and has multiple locations, including Canggu, Kerobokan, Renon, Batbulan, and Ubud.
  23. BGS Bali – If you’re on a Bukit food tour, don’t miss out on BGS, which not only sells surf gear and fashionable clothes but also serves some of the best coffee in town. Their snack menu includes homemade smoothie bowls, freshly baked cookies, and other tasty treats that pair well with an almond milk latte or a post-surf beer. And the good news is that BGS has branches in Dreamland, Uluwatu, and Canggu as well.
  24. Mason Uluwatu – Mason Uluwatu, the second branch of the famous Canggu restaurant, has gained a lot of well-deserved attention since opening its doors in Uluwatu. Positioned in a prime location on one of Uluwatu’s most popular corners, Mason Uluwatu features a breezy indoor-outdoor dining space decorated with lush tropical plants and a lively open kitchen. The warm lighting and comfortable seating perfectly complement the restaurant’s classic menu offerings, which attract a crowd of hungry diners eager to try longstanding favorites such as the 48-hour slow cooked short ribs, as well as new dishes exclusive to Uluwatu. The lamb kleftiko and the Papuan prawns are must-try dishes, accompanied by delicious cocktails such as the Margarita A La Mason and the Paper Plane with bourbon, Aperol, amaro, and lemon.
  25. Bartolo – Bartolo is an exceptional European-style bistro that has brought a fresh and creative dining destination to Uluwatu, setting it apart from any other place around. It’s an ideal spot to stop by for exquisite cocktails or to catch up with a group of friends over shared plates of charcuteries made with locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients, all of which are influenced by European flavors. The menu is concise yet impactful, offering impressive specialties like the peperonata tuna crudo, clams from the market served in creamy aioli, and grilled ox tongue with bagna cauda. To complement these dishes, Bartolo serves top-notch cocktails, including the margarita with smoked honey and black lime, the cacao-infused Negroni, and the Calamansi Paloma. The interior is adorned with black-and-white tiled floors, providing a chic atmosphere for indoor dining, or you can choose to dine al-fresco for a European piazza-like experience.
  26. Mana Uluwatu – Visit Mana Uluwatu for its breathtaking views and stay for its nourishing food and exceptional cocktails. This surfer-inspired eatery is situated on the cliffs of Uluwatu Surf Villas, boasting spectacular vistas of the waves and the horizon. The food menu focuses on wholesome bites from both the land and sea, such as Baja shrimp tacos, jackfruit enchiladas, soft shell crab gazpacho, and roasted chicken with turmeric-dill rice. The dining experience is held in an open-air pavilion constructed from reclaimed teak and ironwood, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Sip on a Mana cocktail, like the Spiced Espresso Martini or Lilikoi Mojito, and enjoy the good vibes and stunning views.
  27. Ulu Cliffhouse – To hold the title of Uluwatu’s most indulgent playground, exceptional food is a must, and this high-altitude cliff-top club has it all in the gourmet arena. The menu offers everything from tapas-style bites to shareable platters, pizzas, oysters, and mouth-watering desserts, all with a poolside vibe in mind. The best way to experience this venue is to arrive early to snag the prime cliff-front sunset seat and stay late for live DJ sets and exclusive events.
  28. La Baracca – La Baracca, the much-loved rustic Italian restaurant, now has a location in Uluwatu on a lively street above Thomas Beach. With additional restaurants in Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud, you can expect all of your favorite La Baracca dishes, including wood-fired pizzas, homemade pastas, and an assortment of affordable vegetarian and vegan options.
  29. Tabu – Tabu is a trendy and popular spot in Uluwatu that combines Mexican and Japanese cuisine, with a spacious shared table and two levels for dining, drinking and dancing until late. The Ours Group, known for Ours restaurant and Our Spa, is behind this sophisticated venue, and their signature style and taste are evident in the menu. Expect delectable dishes like truffle parmesan croquettes, wood-fired Tomahawk, and Prosecco miso hamachi. The cocktails are also a highlight, with options like the smoking Old Fashioned, Grand Negroni, and Bloody Maria. Due to its popularity, reservations are a must, especially on weekends.
  30. Shaka Riki – Shaka Riki, a casual and relaxed Japanese restaurant, has finally answered the call by providing amazing sushi and genuine Japanese dishes to the Bukit. The restaurant offers smooth and friendly service, including a complimentary serving of miso soup and cold towels upon arrival. Its extensive menu features excellent rolls, combo plates, and classic Japanese favorites, attracting large crowds and creating a lively family atmosphere.
  31. DiVino – DiVino (formerly known as Casa Asia) is without a doubt the most beloved Italian restaurant in Uluwatu. This family-owned restaurant serves wood-fired pizzas and perfectly cooked pasta, along with a variety of meat dishes, salads, paninis, and Indonesian dishes. It attracts both locals and tourists, creating a lively atmosphere with cheerful vibes, good Italian food, and an abundance of wine. The restaurant’s outdoor seating area is always bustling with activity every evening.
  32. Chela – Chela is a Middle Eastern-inspired establishment located in Bingin that offers a variety of services such as a café, restaurant, bar, and relaxing hangout spot. The menu features wholesome and homemade dishes that are both nutritious and flavorful, making it ideal for a midday meal or evening rendezvous. During the day, customers can choose from spicy options such as the shakshuka with pesto or the vegan potato rosti accompanied by grilled broccoli, kimchi, apple cardamom dip, and chili jam. For lunch, there are hearty salad bowls or the grilled tuna sandwich, while dinner consists of sharing platters served beneath a large bamboo structure. Customers can select from meat or seafood platters or opt for vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Classic cocktails, wine, and craft beer are available to accompany the food. Expect to revisit this eatery due to its quality service and excellent cuisine.
  33. Abracadabra at Mu Boutique Resort – Abracadabra, located at Mu Boutique Resort on the cliffs of Bingin, serves up delicious dishes made with fresh, organic, and seasonal ingredients. With breathtaking views of the ocean, the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering a variety of healthy and homemade recipes. Examples include the beetroot salad with pear, asparagus, and feta cheese, as well as the tempe burger with oven-baked sweet potatoes on the side. A great tip is to arrive early for sunset, sit by the cliff’s edge, and enjoy the shared combo plates featuring grilled seafood and vegetarian specialties for the ultimate dinner date in the Bukit.
  34. Rolling Fork – Rolling Fork is a charming restaurant with an Italian flair that prioritizes quality, tradition, and innovation in its cuisine. Their menu features homemade pastas, crispy pizzas, fresh grilled fish, and prime imported meat, all prepared with a focus on simplicity and beauty. The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy and homey, with a cute colonial-style veranda that invites guests to relax and enjoy their meal. A glass of red wine or a salt-rimmed cocktail can be the perfect complement to a taste of la dolce vita!
  35. Single Fin – This surf bar overlooking Uluwatu’s renowned surf break has become a popular spot not just for its legendary Sunday Sessions but also for its lively atmosphere throughout the week. Guests are entertained with live music and DJ performances on the spacious balcony while they enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks. Their menu includes classic options like tacos, burgers, pizzas, and salads, making it a perfect spot for an early dinner with an incredible view.
  36. Café La Pasion – This delightful café is unassuming and has a warm, welcoming vibe, making it an ideal place to visit if you’re on your way to the serene Balangan Beach. Apart from the scrumptious homemade cakes, the café also serves noteworthy coffee, and a range of healthy, South American-inspired treats such as ceviche, tortillas, and guacamole toast. Don’t forget to drop in on a Saturday evening for live music.
  37. Il Ristorante – Luca Fantin – Indulge in a luxurious dining experience at Il Ristorante located in Bulgari Resort Bali. Led by the renowned Michelin-starred executive chef, Luca Fantin, the restaurant offers contemporary and innovative interpretations of classic Italian dishes. This elegant, dinner-only venue can accommodate up to 36 guests and requires a dress code to match the opulent atmosphere. You can opt for a five- or seven-course menu, which is expertly prepared and beautifully presented. The restaurant also offers wine pairing, as well as a pre-dinner Aperitivo hour from 6 pm to 7 pm at Bulgari’s cliff-front bar. Here, you can enjoy complimentary Italian canapés, award-winning cocktails, and a breathtaking Bali sunset.
  38. The Cave – For those passionate about food, The Cave at The Edge is an exceptional dining experience that takes place within a 25,000-year-old underground cave. Chef Ryan Clift, who is known for the acclaimed Tippling Club in Singapore, has crafted an awe-inspiring menu to match the unique setting. This exclusive restaurant, which seats only 22 guests, offers a seven- or ten-course modern gastronomy menu, complete with theatrical displays projected onto the stunning rock formations. While not required, it is highly recommended to pair your meal with the restaurant’s wine and cocktail offerings.

Overall, these are some of the best places to eat in Uluwatu with exceptional service.

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Angeline Karina

A vibrant soul living her best life in the tropical paradise of Bali, Indonesia. Born with an insatiable curiosity for flavors and a passion for the written word, Angeline has seamlessly blended her love for food and writing into a delectable journey.

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