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Best art galleries in Saigon Ho Chi Minh


Here are 10 best art galleries in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

  1. Galerie Quynh (@galeriequynh) Description: Galerie Quynh is a leading contemporary art gallery showcasing works by established and emerging Vietnamese artists. They curate thought-provoking exhibitions that push boundaries and ignite conversations.
  2. Craig Thomas Gallery (@craigthomasgallery) Description: Craig Thomas Gallery features a diverse collection of contemporary artworks from Vietnamese and international artists. Their exhibitions celebrate artistic expression and cultural exchange.
  3. Apricot Gallery (@apricotgallery) Description: Apricot Gallery exhibits a wide range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces. Their collection highlights the beauty of Vietnamese art and promotes local talents.
  4. Salon Saigon (@salonsaigon) Description: Salon Saigon is a multi-disciplinary space that showcases contemporary art, performances, and cultural events. It fosters artistic dialogue and provides a platform for creative expression.
  5. San Art (@sanartgallery) Description: San Art is a pioneering independent art space supporting contemporary Vietnamese artists. They nurture experimental practices and facilitate critical discussions within the art community.
  6. Vin Gallery (@vingallery) Description: Vin Gallery promotes contemporary art with a focus on Southeast Asian artists. They curate exhibitions that reflect social issues, cultural identity, and artistic exploration.
  7. The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre (@factoryartscentre) Description: The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre is a dynamic hub for contemporary art in Saigon. It hosts exhibitions, artist residencies, workshops, and performances, fostering a vibrant art community.
  8. The Propeller Art Gallery (@thepropellerartgallery) Description: The Propeller Art Gallery showcases a wide range of contemporary artworks across different mediums. They support emerging talents and encourage artistic experimentation.
  9. MoT+++ Description: MoT+++ is an artist-run space that brings together experimental art, music, and performance. It provides an alternative platform for artistic expression and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  10. VinSpace Art Studio (@vinspaceartstudio) Description: VinSpace Art Studio offers art classes and workshops for both children and adults. They provide a creative environment where individuals can explore their artistic talents and learn various techniques.
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