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Best cat cafes in Ho Chi Minh


Here are ten popular cat cafes in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Ailu Cat House (@ailucathouse)  Ailu Cat House is a cozy cat cafe where you can relax with a cup of coffee while spending quality time with adorable and playful cats. It’s a purrfect place for cat lovers to unwind.
  2. The Pet Coffee (@thepetcoffee) The Pet Coffee offers a unique experience of enjoying your favorite beverage while surrounded by friendly cats. Spend a delightful time petting and playing with these furry companions.
  3. Meow Cat Cafe (@meowcatcafe) Meow Cat Cafe is a charming space where you can mingle with adorable rescue cats. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while appreciating the company of these lovable feline friends.
  4. 1990 Cat Lounge (@1990catlounge) 1990 Cat Lounge is a cat-themed cafe with a cozy ambiance. Relax and sip on your drink while being surrounded by a variety of friendly and cuddly cats.
  5. The Cat House Cafe (@thecathousecafe) The Cat House Cafe provides a tranquil atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious treats and spend quality time with a group of lovely cats. It’s a haven for cat enthusiasts.
  6. Mia Cat Cafe (@miacatcafe) Mia Cat Cafe is a haven for cat lovers, offering a relaxing environment where you can enjoy a hot drink and interact with playful and affectionate cats.
  7. Reng Reng Cat Cafe (@rengrengcatcafe) Reng Reng Cat Cafe is a cozy spot with a charming interior and friendly feline companions. Indulge in delightful snacks and beverages while cuddling with the resident cats.
  8. The Sanctuary (@thesanctuary.saigon) The Sanctuary is a cat cafe and adoption center, providing a safe and loving space for rescued cats. Visit, play with the cats, and support their mission to find forever homes.
  9. I’m LooKinh (@imlookinh)  I’m LooKinh is a cat cafe that emphasizes a calm and peaceful environment. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and the company of adorable cats while savoring a cup of coffee or tea.
  10. KitTea Cat Cafe (@kitteacatcafe) KitTea Cat Cafe is a trendy and inviting space that combines a love for cats and delicious beverages. Unwind with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the company of playful and friendly feline friends.
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