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Best Cheap Eats in Seminyak


1. Warung Nia Balinese Food & Pork Ribs

Warung Nia, a renowned and upscale Balinese restaurant, stands out for offering some of the finest culinary delights on the island. Elevate your culinary skills by joining the cooking class at Warung Nia, where you’ll learn the secrets behind crafting the delectable dishes featured on the restaurant’s menu. It’s not just a meal; it’s a hands-on experience that lets you savor the flavors of Bali while mastering the art of its cuisine.

2. Gusto Gelato & Caffé

Gusto Gelato & Caffé stands out as more than just a gelato store; it’s a delightful experience for your taste buds. Indulge in a variety of flavors served in cups or cones, alongside a selection of coffees and refreshing cold drinks. Renowned for its unique and mouthwatering creations, Gusto Gelato & Caffé takes pride in using high-quality, homemade ingredients, with a special emphasis on sourcing most of their items from Indonesia. It’s not just ice cream; it’s a celebration of flavors crafted with care and authenticity.


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3. Bli Crackling

Indulge in a diverse array of delectable dishes at this brunch spot, featuring delights like bacon-wrapped dates, a luscious brie and pear salad, and a tempting sticky toffee pudding. The ambiance is laid-back, creating a relaxed setting, and the attentive staff ensures a pleasant dining experience. The only drawback is that reservations are not accepted, so be sure to arrive early to secure your spot and savor the delightful offerings of this brunch haven.


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4. Warung Eny

A cozy eatery with a traditional charm, this compact restaurant features simple decor while offering a menu filled with authentic Balinese dishes.


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5. Atlas Kitchen & Coffee

This eatery is renowned for its elevated Asian and Malaysian dishes, creating a well-known destination for food enthusiasts. Nestled in a cozy setting, it offers a curated menu in a warm and inviting atmosphere, providing a memorable dining experience for all.


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6. The Luhron

A Balinese-owned local warung, Mama Luh crafts homemade dishes with love. Our small business thrives on positive vibes, ensuring authentic local experiences in Bali. Immerse yourself in the island’s real food, connect with locals, and embrace the genuine essence of Bali. We’re delighted to offer you exceptional local culinary experiences. Come, dine, and share laughs—consider our little house your new home in the paradise of Bali. Join our family; we’re always here to welcome you warmly.


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7. The Koop Roaster & Cafe

The Koop Roaster & Cafe is a haven for coffee and bakery enthusiasts. This charming cafe focuses on serving single-origin coffees sourced from diverse regions in Indonesia, complemented by a delectable selection of baked goods crafted from organic ingredients. Indulge in an array of sandwiches, pastries, and refreshing drinks, all prepared with the finest, fresh ingredients. It’s a delightful destination for those seeking a blend of exceptional coffee and artisanal treats in the vibrant atmosphere of Denpasar.

8. Tamade Cafeteria

Tucked away in the bustling heart of Seminyak, this hidden gem is a culinary delight well worth discovering. Offering an array of exceptional Indonesian and Chinese dishes, the menu is a treat for the taste buds. The service is consistently warm and friendly, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, a great time is guaranteed in this charming spot.


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9. Dough Darlings Seminyak

Craving a delightful and joyful dessert experience? Look no further than Dough Darlings! Indulge in our scrumptious doughnuts made with premium ingredients like whole milk, European-style butter, cane sugar, and real fruits, resulting in a delicious and distinctive flavor. Our menu includes vegan options, as well as top-rated choices like peanut butter and chocolate. Treat yourself to a burst of happiness at Dough Darlings!

10. Tiamo Restaurant & Gelato Seminyak

At Tiamo Bali Restaurant, enjoy daily healthy dining with a focus on fresh, organic ingredients. Our Italian chef creates a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes, all prepared on-site. Don’t miss our latest addition – Ti Amo’s Classic Italian Gelato, made in-house using the traditional method with no additives. Experience the perfect blend of health and indulgence at Tiamo Bali.

11. The Island Grill & Lounge

Embark on a unique culinary journey at The Island Grill and Lounge! Discover a diverse menu to satisfy every palate, complemented by expertly crafted drinks from our skilled bartender. Join us every night for a delightful blend of laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. Welcome to an exceptional dining experience at The Island Grill and Lounge!

12. Waroeng Bernadette Seminyak

Waroeng Bernadette, nestled in the heart of Seminyak, is your go-to for iconic Indonesian dishes. Savor the talk-of-the-town Indonesian Rendang on our menu, along with childhood favorites like corn fritters, signature rendang, oxtail soup, rawon, and various vegan options. Everything is lovingly homemade in the traditional style, using fresh ingredients. Selamat Makan, welcome to Waroeng Bernadette!

13. Fat Buddha Bali

Explore the flavors of Asian Street Food at Fat Buddha Bali in Seminyak. Our menu is crafted to tantalize your taste buds with a variety of delectable options. Begin your Asian Street Food journey with us and savor the vibrant and delicious offerings at Fat Buddha Bali.


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14. Pork Star Restaurant

Pork Star Restaurant specializes in barbecue, presenting a delectable array of pork dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for Indonesian favorites like Nasi Campur or Bali-style dishes with sambal matah, or craving international delights such as Porkstar Bratwurst with Truffle Mashed Potato, our barbecue restaurant has something to satisfy every palate.


FARMER BREWS ROASTERY, a well-loved coffee shop in Bali, is renowned for offering the finest coffee in the region. With a dynamic bean selection, patrons appreciate the nutty and smooth flavors of beverages like the piccolo coffee. The food menu, featuring delights such as salmon eggs Benedict and croissant egg sandwich, receives high praise for its delicious offerings. Customers also commend the friendly staff and the establishment’s commitment to accommodating dietary restrictions, including nut allergies.

16. Tasty Vegan

Discover a hidden gem in Seminyak – a 100% vegan restaurant offering friendly and authentic Indonesian cuisine with a delightful vegan twist. Nestled in a tranquil garden setting, the peaceful ambiance enhances the dining experience. Though not as widely recognized as some other establishments, the exceptional food justifies the price and makes it a worthwhile visit for those seeking unique vegan options.


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17. Swich Sandwiches Brawa

Upon our arrival at Swich Sandwiches Brawa, my friend and I were greeted by a delightful array of sandwiches. Although a bit disappointed that the shop only accepted cash, we didn’t let it dampen our experience and opted to pay in cash, still enjoying the selection of sandwiches on offer.

18. Frozen Yogi

The Frozen Yogi shop, though small, is an effective spot specializing in delicious frozen yogurt. Creating your own frozen yogurt adds a fun twist to the experience, and the variety of yogurts available is delightful. While the store can get crowded, it’s undoubtedly worth returning for the enjoyable and tasty frozen yogurt offerings.


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19. Art Cafe

Chicken Run Bali provides a distinctive and unmatched roasted chicken experience in Bali. The exceptional seasoning delivers a burst of flavor, setting it apart from other establishments. Generous portions guarantee satisfaction with every bite. While the seating may not be overly comfortable, opting for take-away allows you to savor their delectable offerings at your own convenience.

20. Warung Leka – Leka

Warung Leka Leka is a popular fast-food chain in Indonesia that offers a modern twist to traditional Indonesian dishes. The menu at Warung Leka Leka includes a variety of options, from fried rice (nasi goreng) and fried noodles (mie goreng) to satay and coconut-flavored rice (nasi uduk). The food served at Warung Leka Leka consistently uses high-quality and fresh ingredients. Additionally, the establishment provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for its customers.

21. Gelato Shack

22. Dod’s Burger Seminyak Bali

Dod’s Burger in Seminyak, Bali, is a hidden gem for beef burger enthusiasts, providing a diverse menu with options for chicken and vegetarian burgers. A must-try is their crispy mushroom dish, and the french fries are top-notch. Despite a potentially longer wait compared to typical fast-food places, the freshness of their ingredients makes it worthwhile. With soft buns and perfectly crisp and crunchy fried items, Dod’s Burger creates a delicious and satisfying combination for burger lovers.

23. How I Met Coffee


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