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Best Cooking Classes in Bangkok

  1. Blue Elephant Cooking School Description: Known for its elegant Thai cuisine, Blue Elephant offers a comprehensive cooking experience in a traditional Thai setting. The classes cover various dishes, including royal Thai cuisine. Instagram: @blueelephantcookingschool

2. Sompong Thai Cooking School Description: Sompong offers hands-on classes in a warm and friendly environment. The school focuses on teaching the art of balancing flavors and creating authentic Thai dishes. Instagram: @sompongthaicookingschool

3. Amita Thai Cooking Class Description: Situated by the Chao Phraya River, Amita provides a tranquil cooking experience. Students often visit local markets to source fresh ingredients before preparing traditional Thai recipes. Instagram: @amitacookingclass [IGNYA GA ADA]


4. Silom Thai Cooking School Description: Located in the heart of Bangkok, Silom Cooking School offers classes that cover a wide range of Thai dishes, including street food favorites and classic curries. Instagram: @silomcooking [IGNYA GA MEYAKINKAN]


5. May Kaidee’s Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking School Description: Perfect for those interested in plant-based cuisine, May Kaidee’s offers classes focused on vegetarian and vegan Thai dishes, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Thai food without meat. Instagram: @maykaidee [IGNYA GA JELAS]


6. The Market Experience Description: This unique cooking school starts with a market tour, where participants learn about Thai ingredients and then use them to create traditional dishes in a hands-on cooking session. Instagram: Check their website for updated information. [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]


7. Cookly Thai Cooking School Description: Cookly partners with various cooking schools across Bangkok, offering diverse options for learning Thai cooking techniques and preparing authentic dishes. Instagram: @cooklyworldwide [IGNYA GA ADA]


8. Chef Leez Thai Cooking Class Description: Chef Leez’s classes focus on traditional Thai flavors and techniques. The classes are known for their lively atmosphere and emphasis on hands-on learning. Instagram: @chefleez [IGNYA GA ADA]


9. The Basil Cookery School Description: With experienced chefs, The Basil Cookery School provides personalized attention to each participant. They teach a variety of Thai dishes suitable for different skill levels. Instagram: Check their website for updated information. [IGNYA GA ADA]


10. Pinky Cooking Studio Description: Pinky offers intimate cooking classes in a home-style setting. The classes cover both popular and lesser-known Thai dishes, making it a great option for those seeking authenticity. Instagram: @pinkycookingstudio [IGNYA GA ADA]

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A spirited travel enthusiast whose wanderlust knows no bounds. Her travel writing goes beyond the surface, delving into the heart of Thai culture, uncovering hidden gems known only to the locals, and celebrating the resilience and hospitality of the Thai people.

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