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The 12 Best Nasi Campur in Bali


Bali is one of the destinations for travel for foreign tourists and locals. In addition to tourism, Bali also provides a variety of dishes that are sought after by locals and tourists, one of which is Nasi Campur Bali. Here are 12 Nasi Campur Bali that you can find!


1. Nasi Campur Bu Oki

Nasi Campur Bu Oki is one option to try various kinds of Balinese specialties. Nasi Campur Bu Oki provides rice mixed with chicken with typical Balinese spices, lawar, and of course, don’t forget the satay lilit dish.

2. Warung Wardani

The Balinese restaurant, Warung Wardani, is arranged at Jalan Yudistira within the heart of Denpasar City, drawing consideration from both nearby Indonesians and worldwide visitors. The menu offers a assorted extend of halal alternatives, counting nasi campur a combination of rice, beans, eggs, and meat.

3. Warung Nasi Campur Men Weti

Nasi Campur Men Weti can be one of the culinary choices for nasi campur in Bali. Nasi Campur Men Weti has been known to exist since 1970 until now.


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4. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku is located in the Ubud area of Bali. This dining establishment can be a culinary destination in Bali, offering the distinctive flavors of Balinese cuisine that you can experience at Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku.

5. Warung Mek Juwel

Warung Nasi Mek Juwel provides a variety of foods that can be found in the Sayan area, Ubud district, Bali. Mek Juwel’s signature mixed rice dish captivates the taste buds of customers with the distinctive flavors of Balinese spices.

6. Nasi Tekor Bali

Balinese restaurant Warung Nasi Tekor offers a assortment of nasi tekor alternatives counting rice, meat, browned chicken, satay and more. A full nasi tekor supper, which incorporates a bubbled egg, is estimated between Rp.25,000 and Rp.30,000. This unmistakable Balinese cooking, once in a while known to sightseers, is served in a conventional pot or pinchila, a bamboo vessel with roots dating back centuries.

7. Warung Pojok Gajah Mada

Warung Pojok Gajah Mada is the right choice for those of you who are fans of Balinese mixed rice cuisine. Its distinctive spicy flavor has made Warung Pojok Gajah Mada renowned. For those who love spicy dishes, you can try the Balinese mixed rice at Warung Pojok Gajah Mada.

8. Warung Gonde Cik Siwi

Nasi Gonde Cik Siwi, located in the Denpasar area of Bali, offers Balinese specialties such as Gonde vegetables and mixed rice with authentic Balinese spices.

9. Nasi campur Sari Manis

In the midst of Denpasar city, there is affordable Balinese mixed rice, and you can already savor the deliciousness of Balinese mixed rice. You can find this place called Warung Makan Nasi Campur Sari Manis.

10. Nasi Campur Men Lotri

Nasi Campur Men Lotri has earned its reputation as a legendary Balinese dinner spot, renowned for its mixed rice, and has become a culinary symbol in Bali over the course of several decades. Operating for many years, Men Lotri’s mixed rice has been celebrated as a delightful evening culinary experience since the 1970s.

11. Rumah Makan Kedaton

Rumah Makan Kedaton provides Balinese mixed rice. Rumah Makan Kedaton can be found in the areas of Denpasar, Ubud, and Kuta.

12. Warung Nasi Bali Ibu Suari

Ibu Suari’s Warung is suitable for purchasing food in the morning, offering Balinese Special Mixed Rice that is perfect for breakfast before starting your daily activities. Ibu Suari’s Warung is located in the Dangin Puri area, Denpasar, Bali.

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