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Best Toy Stores in Bangkok


Central Embassy Toy Kingdom Description: Central Embassy Toy Kingdom is a well-stocked toy store offering a wide range of toys, games, and collectibles for kids of all ages. Instagram: @centralembassy


Toys “R” Us Description: A global toy retail chain, Toys “R” Us offers a diverse selection of toys, from action figures to educational games, providing entertainment for children and families. Instagram: @toysrus_th


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Hamleys Description: Hamleys is a renowned toy store with an array of interactive displays and a variety of toys, making it a must-visit destination for families and toy enthusiasts. Instagram: @hamleys_th


Kidzzy Description: Kidzzy offers a range of educational and developmental toys for children, catering to both fun and learning through play. Instagram: @kidzzy_official


Brick’s Kingdom Description: Brick’s Kingdom is a haven for LEGO enthusiasts, featuring a vast selection of LEGO sets, minifigures, and accessories for creative building. Instagram: @bricks_kingdom


Boonprapa Description: Boonprapa is a popular toy store in Bangkok known for its selection of imported and locally sourced toys, catering to various interests and age groups. Instagram: Check their website for updated information.


Toypedia Description: Toypedia specializes in a wide range of collectible toys, action figures, and pop culture merchandise, offering a haven for collectors and enthusiasts. Instagram: @toypedia


Toy Plaza Description: Toy Plaza offers an extensive collection of toys, including figures, dolls, puzzles, and board games, providing a variety of options for children and families. Instagram: Check their website for updated information.


Power Buy Description: Power Buy is an electronics and gadgets store that often includes a toy section, offering a selection of tech-related toys and robotic kits. Instagram: @powerbuy_official


The Mall Group Toy Stores Description: The Mall Group’s various locations feature toy sections with a diverse range of toys, games, and entertainment options for children. Instagram: @themallthailand


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