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Best spots for authentic Korean food in Singapore


Here are 10 of the best spots for authentic Korean food in Singapore, along with descriptions, Instagram usernames, and opening hours:

1. NAE:UM – Nae:Um is one of the Korean restaurants located in Singapore, precisely at 161 Telok Ayer St, Singapore. Nae:Um serves authentic Korean cuisine with a concept that blends Western techniques and Korean cuisine. The food presentation differs from typical Korean restaurants, as Nae:Um employs fine dining presentation with various Korean specialty dishes.


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2. Um Yong Baek – Um Yong Baek is located at 27 Boon Tat St, #01, Singapore. This restaurant, which serves authentic Korean cuisine, is famous for its Korean pork and rice soup menu, seasoned with typical Korean spices. This makes Um Yong Baek restaurant popular among both tourists and locals.


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3. POCHA!  – This restaurant leaves an impression on both Koreans themselves and K-pop enthusiasts. With an atmosphere reminiscent of roadside eateries seen in Korean dramas, it serves street food-style dishes famous in Korea. You can find Pocha at 1 North Point Drive B1-181 Northpoint City South Wing, Singapore.

4.  Go K BBQ – Go K BBQ Singapore provides Korean cuisine with various fresh meats ready to be served with authentic Korean spices, as well as authentic Korean dishes that are the perfect choice for those seeking Korean cuisine.

5. Chang Korean BBQ – Chang Korean BBQ is located at 71 Loewen Rd, #01-01, Singapore. With a focus on Korean BBQ restaurants, Chang Korean BBQ is the perfect choice for dinner with friends or family.

6. O.BBA – O.BBA Korean restaurant has several branches in Singapore. For those of you who are looking for a Korean restaurant, you can directly visit several O.BBA branches scattered across Singapore.

7. Hanwoori Korean Restaurant – Located at 76 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore, Hanwoori Korean Restaurant can be a choice for dining with family, with its cozy restaurant atmosphere making everyone comfortable to eat there. Hanwoori’s menu is also famous for its authentic Korean home-cooked dishes.

8. Reply K1988 – This Korean restaurant in Singapore is named after the famous Korean drama “Reply 1988”. You can find a variety of barbecue meat menu options to enjoy.


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9. Joo Bar – This restaurant serves up modern Korean dishes and delicious Korean-inspired cocktails. Instagram: @joobarsg. Opening hours: 5pm to 12am (Monday to Saturday), closed on Sundays.


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10. Super Star K – This Korean restaurant is known for its flavorful Korean BBQ and other traditional Korean dishes. Instagram: @superstark_sg. Opening hours: 11:30am to 11pm daily.


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