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Tech Marvels: Exploring the Top 10 in Bangkok’s Tech Scene


Bangkok offers numerous attractions to visit and explore during both bustling days and leisurely moments. Among them are several places in Bangkok infused with technology that you can experience firsthand or simply enjoy. Below are the top ten destinations in Bangkok’s tech scene that you can explore.

1. Amazon Coffee 


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Automated baristas at the Amazon Coffee store are now crafting beverages for patrons. According to management, these advanced robotic baristas effectively minimize spills but operate at a slower pace compared to their human counterparts. Nevertheless, substantial cost savings on staffing expenses have been achieved.

2. Sea Life Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, formerly known as Siam Ocean World, is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Encompassing an expansive area of around 10,000 square meters (110,000 sq ft), the aquarium features a diverse array of species showcased in exhibits totaling approximately 5,000,000 liters (1,300,000 U.S. gal). Visitors have the opportunity to experience a virtual reality challenge, immersing themselves in the breathtaking beauty of the sea in a lifelike manner.

3. Zero Latency Thailand

Zero Latency Thailand is a state-of-the-art virtual reality gaming facility located in the heart of Bangkok’s Siam Square. It offers a captivating experience for both solo and multiplayer adventures, featuring free-roaming gameplay. As the largest VR gaming arena in Thailand, it guarantees a thrilling and novel experience. Conveniently situated near the BTS Skytrain station, it provides easy access for enthusiasts looking to enjoy this exciting venture with friends or on their own.

4. Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is a prehistoric theme park that offers the sensation of adventuring with ancient animals. Here, you can experience the feeling of living in prehistoric times, accompanied by ancient creatures akin to those seen in the movie Jurassic Park. Additionally, visitors can learn about dinosaurs through multimedia technology in the Dinosaur District, observe eggs hatching in the Dino Lab, and marvel at dinosaur skeletons.

5. Thai Inter Flying

The A380 Simulator stands as the pinnacle of aviation technology, embodying a remarkable replication of the interior systems and controls found in a real A380. With hydraulic systems enabling a complete spectrum of motion, it authentically reproduces the sensations of piloting an actual aircraft. Now, for the first time, the A380 Simulator is open to the public through the A380 Flight Simulator Experience program. The initiative seeks to reignite the public’s passion for aviation while providing participants with fundamental knowledge about operating a commercial airliner.

6. Mahanakhon SkyRides

Embark on an exhilarating journey unlike any other with Mahanakhon SkyRides. Participants have the option to soar through either the cityscape or mountains, navigating obstacles for a fully immersive and interactive adventure. This extraordinary experience is bound to leave a lasting and unforgettable impression on all who partake in it.

7. WOW Park

WOWpark is a multifaceted attraction that combines elements of an interactive amusement park, an optical illusion museum, and an entertainment center. It caters to a diverse audience, appealing to kids, teenagers, and adults alike. Located in Bangkok, Wonder Park offers a plethora of unique experiences and engaging experiments for visitors. Additionally, patrons can enjoy playing games, capturing impressive photographs and videos, and acquiring fascinating knowledge in a fun and entertaining environment.

8. Amaze Me Bangkok

Explore an exceptional entertainment hub in Bangkok showcasing unique, contemporary, and thrilling amusement attractions. This innovative center offers a delightful and secure environment where visitors can engage with various aspects of science and technology enjoyably, ensuring a safe and enriching experience for both adults and children alike.

9. National Science Museum

Situated along Canal 5 in Klong Luang, Pathum Thani, the National Science Museum is an integral component of the Technopolis complex. Envisioned as part of a larger park, Technopolis will not only feature the Science Museum but also house the Natural History Museum, Ecology and Environment Museum, and Aviation and Telecommunications Museum upon completion. The National Science Museum serves as a venue for scientific exhibitions and interactive activities designed to educate visitors about technological advancements and the fundamental principles of science.

10. Bangkok Planetarium

The semi-dome planetarium stands as a prominent and enduring attraction at the Bangkok Science Museum, Thailand’s oldest, since its inauguration in 1964. Following a renovation in 2016, it boasts a dynamic program featuring 360-degree visuals, an integrated fish-eye lens, and surround sound. While some exhibits provide information exclusively in Thai, the overall experience remains captivating for families exploring Bangkok, offering an engaging and educational activity.


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