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Best Outdoor Eatery In Seminyak


1. Seasalt

Seasalt Seminyak is a distinguished seafood restaurant situated on the beachfront in Seminyak, celebrated for its afternoon tea service, sunset dining, and Sunday brunch. With unparalleled views of the ocean, the restaurant provides a casual atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for romantic dinners or special occasions.


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2. Da Maria

Da Maria is an Italian-themed night club and restaurant renowned for its delicious pizzas available until late hours. Founded by acclaimed restaurateur Maurice Terzini, with a background in some of the best restaurants in Italy, the establishment offers a lively atmosphere, perfect for party enthusiasts who enjoy dancing to live DJs under disco lights. The restaurant boasts a beautiful white and blue décor, capturing the fresh ocean breeze of the nearby coast.


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3. Kilo Bali

Kilo Bali stands as an upscale Asian-Western fusion restaurant set in a minimalist space. With excellent service and delectable food, it offers a sophisticated dining experience. For those seeking entertainment, the restaurant features a DJ on the weekends, providing an added element of excitement for those who want to enjoy a lively atmosphere.


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4. MoonLite Kitchen and Bar

Moonlite Kitchen and Bar, overlooking the Indian Ocean with stunning sunsets, is a restaurant that combines modern Asian cuisine with Balinese-inspired dining. It provides an ideal setting for an intimate meal in Bali, offering moderately priced appetizers and main meals ranging from $9 to $28. With live music enhancing the atmosphere, Moonlite Kitchen and Bar is an excellent choice for couples seeking a romantic evening out while enjoying modern Asian cuisine.

5. Shelter Cafe Seminyak

Shelter Cafe, located in Seminyak, is a popular and trendy spot known for its bustling atmosphere and delicious beverages like almond latte, coconut cappuccino, and cashew macchiato. If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in a slice of their home-baked pie or cake for a delightful treat.


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6. Revolver Espresso

Revolver Espresso is a chic boutique cafe and bar situated on a small side street off the renowned Jalan Kayu Aya in Seminyak’s Oberoi area. This trendy establishment offers a variety of comfort food, specialty coffees, and cocktails. With stylish vintage interiors and an industrial vibe, Revolver Espresso is celebrated for its expert baristas and exceptional coffee.


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7. Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort

This opulent resort hotel in Seminyak provides lavish suites boasting breathtaking ocean views. The rooms feature spacious and modern designs, adorned with bright-yellow furnishings and elegant marble touches. Guests can indulge in the amenities including a Jacuzzi, separate dressing room, and a generously sized sofa, ensuring a luxurious stay. The hotel also offers two restaurants, a spa, and an infinity pool with captivating ocean views.

8. Naughty Nuri’s Ubud

Naughty Nuri’s Ubud is a charming Indonesian-style BBQ restaurant known for serving some of the best barbecued ribs and chicken in town. The rustic atmosphere adds to the lively experience, complemented by excellent martinis. Due to its popularity among tourists, be prepared for a bit of crowding at this vibrant spot.

9.  Monsieur Spoon Seminyak

Monsieur Spoon is a bakery in Seminyak that does French style food very well. It has 5 locations on the island, with most locations also having a cafe attached. The bakery is popular for its creamy eclairs, crispy croissants, velvety salted caramels and freshly baked breads. The coffee here is also great.


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10. Uma Cucina

Uma Cucina stands as an outstanding Italian restaurant situated within the luxurious Como Uma Ubud resort. Known for impeccable service and delectable dishes crafted by skilled chefs, the menu boasts a variety of options, including pizza cooked in an open wood-fired oven. On the other hand, Top ChoiceCafe offers excellent food at a more affordable price, although the service is considered average.


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11. Kebun Bistro

Kebun Bistro offers a relaxed ambiance with old-world European decor, specializing in serving delightful Mediterranean cuisine. It provides a perfect alternative for those seeking a break from the usual Balinese warungs and Indonesian fare. The food at Kebun Bistro is described as amazing, making it an ideal destination for those looking to experience something different and delicious.


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12. Mr. Wayan, Coffee & Eatery

Mr. Wayan, a Balinese cuisine restaurant, presents traditional Balinese dishes in a setting that includes a wine bar and picturesque views of green paddy fields. The establishment is known for its friendly services, offering a great selection of food in a comfortable atmosphere with beautiful views. The team takes excellent care in preparing dishes to perfection, and their warm and welcoming demeanor, always accompanied by smiles, adds to the overall positive dining experience.

13. The Swept Away Restaurant Ubud by The Samaya Ubud

The deck at Swept Away is located just a stone’s throw from the river, providing an ideal setting for you to slow down, relax, and unwind. The comfortable lounge furniture, coupled with the cooling breeze from the river, creates a perfect ambiance for enjoying a glass of bubbles, a cocktail or two, or an ice-cold beer.

14. Shotgun Social Bali

Casual outdoor eatery with ocean views offering a menu of diverse international dishes.

15. Kepitu Restaurant

Kepitu is a fantastic dining spot where you can savor a mix of European, Asian, and Indonesian cuisine. The menu caters to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch preferences, and a full bar with wine and beer is at your disposal. Conveniently, the restaurant accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Guests can enjoy complimentary parking at the venue.



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