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Tech Trends: Exploring the Top 10 in Singapore’s Tech Scene


Singapore stands out as one of the most technologically advanced nations, showcasing its prowess in integrating the latest technological innovations. Let’s explore the top 10 developments in Singapore’s tech scene.

1. Crown Coffe

Ella, Singapore’s inaugural fully automated robot barista, operates at CT Hub 2 to meticulously prepare and serve a cup of joe. Created by Crown Group’s smart retail division, Crown Digital, Ella boasts six robotic arms and the capability to craft up to 200 cups of coffee per hour. Using freshly ground Buscaglione Coffee beans and frothed milk, Ella offers classic beverages like Americano, mocha, flat white, and cappuccino. The interactive screen doubles as an augmented reality photo booth or a platform for displaying advertisements and games, enhancing the overall customer experience.

2. Ratio Cafe and Lounge


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If you have a preference for a robust cup of coffee or desire additional espresso shots, or if you have particular specifications for your regular drinks, this café’s dedication to precision is tailored for you. Instead of relying on baristas, your orders are meticulously crafted by robots to your specific ratio preferences, and with remarkable speed – they can whip up a latte in less than a minute. The robots also store your customized orders for future reference, and you have the convenience of bypassing the queue by either using the Ratio app ahead of time or utilizing the self-service kiosk.

3. Hotel Jen by Shangri-La


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At Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, you will encounter two robotic butlers named Jeno and Jena. These robots, dressed in stylish “tuxedo uniforms” featuring shades of pink and turquoise, assist in fulfilling guest requests, such as delivering amenities or room service meals. Capable of using elevators and making phone calls to guest rooms, these robots enhance the overall guest experience.

4. Art Science Museum

The ArtScience Museum, inspired by the beauty of the lotus, entices visitors with its enchanting displays. This cutting-edge venue skillfully combines art and science, providing immersive encounters that go beyond conventional limits. Featuring interactive exhibits and intriguing installations, it is an essential destination for anyone on a Singapore tour, offering a glimpse into the future through the lens of creativity.

5. Future of Us Exhibition

While exploring the “Future of Us” exhibition at Gardens by the Bay, I caught a glimpse of Singapore’s ambitious vision for the future. This immersive experience utilizes technology to showcase the city’s upcoming developments in areas such as transportation, healthcare, and sustainability. It is a thought-provoking journey that fosters an appreciation for Singapore’s forward-thinking approach to its attractions.

6. Singapore Science Center

Exploring the Singapore Science Centre, I encountered a paradise for tech enthusiasts and inquisitive minds alike. The presence of interactive exhibits, immersive demonstrations, and captivating displays breathes vitality into the realms of science and innovation. It transcends being merely a center; instead, it evolves into a playground for intellect and curiosity, positioning itself as a premier destination for individuals eager to kindle their passion for innovation in Singapore.

7. Jewel Changi Airport

Upon arriving in Singapore, one of the must-visit attractions at Changi Airport is the HSBC Rain Vortex. Situated within the splendid Jewel Changi Airport, this extraordinary installation stands as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Its impressive features extend beyond the cascading water from the airport’s dome-shaped roof, encompassing a mesmerizing light and sound show during the night. As the sun sets and the evening sky emerges, a spellbinding display of colors and music unfolds, delivering a stunning and immersive experience that enchants spectators.

8. The Supertree Crove

The Supertree Grove stands out as a highly sought-after tourist spot in Singapore, situated within Gardens by the Bay. Comprising 18 distinctive Supertrees that reach a height of 50 meters, this attraction is renowned for its fusion of futuristic, tree-like sculptures with environmentally sustainable features. Despite their appearance, the Supertrees are not just artistic creations but incorporate cutting-edge technology. Some of these structures are equipped with photovoltaic cells designed to capture solar energy during the day, which is subsequently utilized to illuminate the trees in the evening. This results in a captivating light display that adorns the night sky.

9. Sky Greens Farm

Although not a conventional tourist destination, Sky Greens is a captivating demonstration of Singapore’s dedication to sustainability and groundbreaking agricultural practices. This state-of-the-art vertical farming concept exemplifies the future of food production by employing sophisticated techniques, such as rotating vertical towers, to cultivate vegetables in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. Visitors have the opportunity to observe directly how automation is influencing the trajectory of agriculture, playing a crucial role in enhancing Singapore’s food security.

10. The Changi Experience Studio

At Jewel Changi Airport, visitors can explore the technologically advanced Changi Experience Studio, an interactive and educational exhibit designed to offer a variety of digital experiences. The studio incorporates immersive multimedia displays, projection mapping, and interactive elements to create an environment where visitors can discover and understand aviation through the use of technology. Boasting more than 20 interactive touchpoints and 10 content zones, the Changi Experience Studio provides an ideal space for both learning and entertainment.


Singapore boasts numerous attractions that cater to the diverse interests of tourists, including those captivated by the city’s highly advanced society. These attractions provide a variety of experiences that effortlessly combine technology, innovation, and entertainment, making them a distinctive inclusion in your Singapore itinerary. We hope this information proves valuable to you and thank you for reading insights from Food Paradise.


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