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The Best Seafood Restaurants In Seminyak


1. Seasalt

Seasalt Seminyak is a seafood restaurant situated on the beachfront in Seminyak. Renowned for its afternoon tea service, sunset dining, and Sunday brunch, the establishment provides unparalleled views of the ocean. With a casual atmosphere, it is an ideal setting for romantic dinners or special occasions, offering a memorable dining experience by the seaside.


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2. Mamasan Bali

Mamasan Bali is a well-known and outstanding Asian restaurant in Ubud, celebrated for its delectable offerings, including bamboo baskets containing cocktails and food served with red chopsticks. The menu boasts creative and enticing drink names such as Candy Floss, Spirituality, and Popsicle. This vibrant bi-level venue is adorned with ottomans and chandeliers, creating a lively atmosphere that often draws a crowd until 2 am.


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3. Kilo Bali

Kilo Bali is an upscale Asian-Western fusion restaurant situated in a minimalist space. The restaurant is known for its excellent service and delicious food. For those seeking entertainment, a DJ is featured on the weekends, providing a lively atmosphere for those who want to enjoy a party alongside their dining experience.


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4. Sambal Shrimp Restaurant & Bar

Sambal Shrimp Restaurant & Bar, a well-liked seafood establishment, is renowned for its tasty and spicy shrimp dishes. Among the favorites are seafood pepes, prawn sambal tempong, and crispy prawn. The restaurant offers a relaxing atmosphere and emphasizes the use of fresh ingredients. However, some patrons may find the shrimp sizes disappointingly small, and there might be confusion with certain dishes having a mix of Balinese and Chinese styles.


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5. Sardine Restaurant

Sardine Restaurant, a seminal seafood establishment, takes pride in its use of fresh, local ingredients and boasts a mouth-watering menu. The alfresco dining area provides splendid views of the lush garden, creating a delightful ambiance. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor their outstanding dishes, such as triggerfish with sake and crab butter or pan-seared diver scallops with mushroom ravioli! The culinary experience at Sardine Restaurant is truly amazing.


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6. Ling-Ling’s Bali

This restaurant provides a fantastic array of Asian fusion dishes and cocktails in a cool and stylish setting. The delicious food comes in perfectly portioned servings, making it an excellent option for casual dining. The friendly and efficient service ensures a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the establishment offers a designated smoking area for those who smoke, while the non-smoking area provides a tranquil setting for non-smokers to enjoy their meal with peace of mind.

7. Starfish Bloo

This seafood restaurant provides a diverse range of menus, catering to both fine dining and children’s activities, complete with a swimming pool. The ambiance is elegant and comfortable, offering an ideal setting for relaxation after a busy day. The culinary offerings are fresh and authentic, with the spotlight on lobster as the star dish, ensuring a delightful dining experience for patrons.

8.  The Plantation Grill – Seminyak

The Plantation Grill Seminyak, a renowned steakhouse, is a fantastic destination for meat enthusiasts. Known for serving some of the finest steaks in town, the restaurant also offers sustainable seafood options. For those looking to impress their partner with a romantic dinner, it is advisable to make an online reservation in advance to secure a delightful dining experience at this popular establishment.

9. The Restaurant at The Legian Seminyak

This beachfront eatery serves as the perfect breakfast spot, offering a delectable range of dishes from sweet to savory. Whether you opt for à la carte or the available buffet, the food is consistently tasty. The establishment prides itself on providing friendly and professional service, ensuring a pleasant dining experience by the beach.

10. Ijen

The seafood at this place is excellent, always fresh and flavorful. Additionally, they offer a selection of nice cocktails to complement your dining experience.

11. Teatro Gastroteque

Teatro Gastroteque, a French restaurant, provides a distinctive and intimate atmosphere, seamlessly blending Asian and European cuisines. The exquisite food offerings, coupled with reasonable prices, make it a high-quality establishment that offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

12. Warung Tulen

Warung Tulen, the ikan bakar restaurant, is highly regarded among seafood enthusiasts, focusing on a concise menu featuring only four items: fish, shrimp, clam, and mussels. Each order is accompanied by steamed rice as a side. While the wait time can be lengthy, it’s important to note that the seafood selection is intentionally limited, emphasizing quality over quantity in the offerings.


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13. Kendi Kuning

Kendi Kuning is a seafood restaurant situated in the heart of Ubud, renowned for serving some of the finest seafood dishes in Bali. The restaurant offers a beautiful outdoor setting with well-arranged tables and chairs, creating an ideal ambiance to relish delicious seafood while immersing in the sights and sounds of Bali. The menu boasts a variety of fish and shellfish prepared in various ways, ensuring that guests can easily find something they love.

14. Man Frydays Seminyak

Man Frydays Seminyak, located in the heart of Seminyak Square, is a British restaurant that specializes in typical pub grub, beer, and cocktails. Its close proximity to the beach and market makes it a conveniently situated eatery. The restaurant is known for its excellent food, with both Indian and English-style dishes being particularly popular. The staff is friendly, and the prices are reasonable, making it a great choice for breakfast or lunch.


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15. Moana Fish Eatery

Moana Fish Eatery offers a delightful experience with classic Polynesian fare, including sushi, poke, and other dishes. The menu is complemented by a selection of cocktails, providing a perfect start to your evening. The cafe’s airy ambiance, complete with a thatched roof, creates a perfect setting for cool summer evenings, enhancing the overall dining experience.

16. Shrimpis Restaurant

Shrimpis Restaurant is a laid-back seafood-focused establishment adorned with nautical-themed decor. Known for offering fantastic food at great prices, their Saturday night promotion, featuring fish and chips at 50% off, was particularly appealing. The service was excellent, characterized by informative and friendly staff, contributing to an overall enjoyable dining experience.


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17. Gosha Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant is highly regarded for its excellent customer service and offers an impressive dining experience at a very affordable price. The menu features delicious and flavorful food that comes at a reasonable cost, making it a fantastic option for those looking for both quality and affordability.

18. Chiringuito Restaurant & Bar

Chiringuito is a wonderfully relaxed spot that provided a stylish change after several days. Its classy vibes, upmarket decor, and reasonable prices for the quality of food and service made it a perfect choice. The triple mochi is a must-try that adds a delightful touch to the dining experience at this chic establishment.

19. Pencar Authentic Balinese & Seafood Grill

Pencar Authentic Balinese & Seafood Grill is a gem that should not be underestimated. Despite being less crowded than other restaurants, it excels in delivering exceptional pork dishes. From delectable pork belly rice bowls to tantalizing pork satay and succulent pork ribs, their menu is a true delight for pork enthusiasts. The standout is the remarkably delicious pork satay, making it a must-try for anyone visiting this eatery.

20. Sakanaya

Sakanaya is a Japanese restaurant in Bali that offers fresh salmon sashimi and grilled beef. The rustic fish-shop ambiance includes simple wooden tables out front. Conveniently located, the prices at Sakanaya are very reasonable, making it a recommended dining choice for visitors to Bali.

21. Shiro Sushi/Sake Bar

Shiro Sushi Bar, situated in Seminyak, offers omakase sushi in a tranquil and exclusive setting, providing high quality and excellent value for your money. Conveniently located near the shopping and dining options of the area, this restaurant provides a sophisticated and enjoyable experience for sushi enthusiasts.


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22. Ambermoon Restaurant

It’s a must-visit in Seminyak! Nour’s restaurant is a culinary gem where the fish is prepared right in front of you. The Tom Yum soup is a standout, and the overall dining experience is elevated by the welcoming and homely atmosphere created by the friendly staff. Nour’s cooking showcases freshness and exceptional taste—don’t miss the opportunity to savor the delightful offerings at this restaurant.


LOVSTER is the go-to spot for those craving delicious and decadent lobster rolls. While the menu presents tempting options, the standout item is undoubtedly the lobster. The dining experience is elevated by the unique setup of sitting on swings at a big table, adding a fun element. However, it might get a bit tricky after a while. The accidental extra order of fries showcases the generous portions served with coleslaw and fries, making it a delightful and satisfying meal.


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