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Where to Get a Delicious Ice Cream in Bangkok


Guss Damn Good Description: Guss Damn Good offers artisanal ice cream with creative flavors and high-quality ingredients, creating a delightful treat for ice cream enthusiasts. Instagram: @guss_damn_good

After You Dessert Café Description: After You is famous for its indulgent Shibuya Honey Toast, a dessert masterpiece topped with ice cream and various toppings. Instagram: @afteryoudessertcafe


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Moo Ping Ice Cream Description: Moo Ping Ice Cream specializes in Thai-style ice cream rolls, where you can customize flavors and toppings for a unique frozen treat. Instagram: @moopingicecream


Vanilla Garden Description: Vanilla Garden offers a serene garden setting where you can enjoy handcrafted ice cream with a variety of flavors and delectable toppings. Instagram: @vanillagarden

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Mont Nom Sod Description: Mont Nom Sod is renowned for its traditional Thai-style milk and toast, served with a side of homemade ice cream in various flavors. Instagram: @montnomsod


Gelate Description: Gelate serves Italian-style gelato with an array of classic and inventive flavors, providing a smooth and rich ice cream experience. Instagram: @gelatebangkok


Emack & Bolio’s Description: Emack & Bolio’s is a Boston-born ice cream parlor known for its funky flavors, ice cream cones covered in creative toppings, and vibrant atmosphere. Instagram: @emackandbolios_thailand

Softree Description: Softree offers premium soft-serve ice cream with a focus on quality ingredients and smooth, creamy textures in various flavors. Instagram: @softreethailand


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Casa Lapin x La Vie en Rose Description: Casa Lapin x La Vie en Rose combines a café and ice cream shop, offering premium coffee and delightful ice cream creations. Instagram: @casalapin

Iberry Ice Cream Description: Iberry Ice Cream is a popular chain known for its extensive ice cream menu, including unique Thai-inspired flavors and playful presentations. Instagram: @iberryhomemade


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