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Best italian restaurants in Singapore | MUST TRY

  1. Fico (@ficomasseria) – The menu at Fico is characterized by dishes crafted with three to four ingredients each. One of the signatures, the foccacina, is made with 80 percent semola and 20 percent flour, then adorned with an array of toppings such as anchovies, black olives, and capers.


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  2. Capasso (@capassosg) – Chef Fernando Arévalo, originally from Bogota, Colombia, takes pride in his Italian heritage, as evidenced by his latest restaurant that pays homage to his late paternal grandfather, originally from Castelnuovo di Conza, Italy.


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  3. Caffe Fernet (@caffefernetsg) – Experience the essence of the Amalfi Coast right in Singapore at this exquisitely designed restaurant overlooking the scenic Singapore River.


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  4. Buona Terra (@buonaterrasg) – Helmed by resident chef Denis Lucchi of Lombardy, northern Italy, Buona Terra’s brand of contemporary Italian cuisine reinvents classic ingredients and flavours and turns them into mouthwatering plates that earned it one Michelin star. Because of its commitment to freshness and seasonality, the menu is always changing, but you can be sure that its signatures, like its Mozambique langoustine, will remain on the menu while being continually updated every quarter to reflect each season’s harvest.


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  5. Bar & Billiard Room (@barbilliardroom) – Formerly recognized as Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse, the revamped Italian restaurant at Raffles Hotel is now named Bar & Billiard Room, led by chef de cuisine Natalino Ambra. Hailing from Sicily, Ambra brings forth an array of authentic, ingredient-driven Italian dishes. Standout offerings include raw red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo, creatively accompanied by candied lemon and pistachio. Another highlight is the cacio e pepe ravioli, served with broccolini in a thyme butter sauce, delivering a delightful blend of fragrance and richness.

  6. Braci (@braci.sg) – Braci, meaning ’embers’ in Italian, is a Michelin-starred restaurant located at Boat Quay. Chef de cuisine Matteo Ponti presents a modern reinterpretation of Italian cuisine, making unabashed use of the charcoal oven and the shichirin grill.


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  7. Amò (@amorestaurantsg) – Located on Hongkong Street, Amò is a delightful Italian restaurant that brings together the regional delights of Italy. The menu features items like deep-fried calamari seasoned with sumac and a sundried tomato aioli, elevating the typical Italian antipasti.


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  8. Forma (@forma.sg) – The restaurant’s handmade pasta offerings are meticulously researched by culinary anthropologists, focusing on regional variations and specificities.


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  9. Altro Zafferano (@altrozafferano_sg) – The pinnacle of Altro Zafferano’s offerings is its Journey tasting menu, which delves into the culinary intricacies across Italy’s regions.

  10. Terra Tokyo Italian (@terratokyoitalian) – The culinary experience is complemented by a selection of terroir-driven wines, served using Coravin.

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