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Best Vegetarian Restaurants and Cafes in Singapore


best vegetarian restaurants and cafes in Singapore, along with descriptions and Instagram usernames (if available):

  1. Original Sin (@originalsinrestaurant): Original Sin is a Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant that offers a diverse menu of flavorful dishes. From mezze platters to vegetarian pizzas, they specialize in creating vegetarian versions of Mediterranean classics.
  2. VeganBurg (@veganburg): VeganBurg is a fast-casual restaurant that serves 100% plant-based burgers. They offer a variety of creative and delicious burger options made from plant-based ingredients, accompanied by vegan sides and desserts.
  3. Whole Earth (@wholeearthsg): Whole Earth is a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in Peranakan and Thai cuisine. They use plant-based ingredients to create authentic flavors and offer a range of flavorful dishes.
  4. Joie by Dozo (@joiebydozo): Joie by Dozo is a fine-dining vegetarian restaurant that offers an exquisite gourmet experience. They provide a multi-course menu featuring innovative and beautifully presented vegetarian dishes.
  5. Real Food (@realfoodsg): Real Food is a vegetarian cafe that focuses on natural, whole foods. They offer a menu of wholesome vegetarian and vegan dishes made with organic and sustainable ingredients.
  6. Greendot (@greendotsg): Greendot is a vegetarian fast-casual restaurant that serves a variety of Asian-inspired dishes. They offer customizable rice and noodle bowls with a range of vegetarian toppings and sauces.
  7. Herbivore (@herbivoresg): Herbivore is a Japanese vegetarian restaurant that specializes in meatless versions of traditional Japanese dishes. They offer a menu of sushi, tempura, ramen, and other Japanese favorites.
  8. Eight Treasures Vegetarian (@eighttreasuresvegetarian): Eight Treasures Vegetarian is a vegetarian restaurant that serves a wide variety of Chinese vegetarian dishes. They offer a diverse menu with options ranging from dim sum to hotpot.
  9. Genesis Vegan Restaurant (@genesisveganrestaurant): Genesis Vegan Restaurant is a vegan restaurant that serves a range of Asian and Western dishes. They offer a menu of plant-based options made from quality ingredients.
  10. The Boneless Kitchen (@thebonelesskitchen): The Boneless Kitchen is a Korean-inspired vegetarian restaurant. They offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes with Korean flavors, including bibimbap, tofu stews, and kimchi pancakes.
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