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Best birthday cakes in Singapore


Singapore has a thriving dessert scene that reflects the city-state’s varied and rich food culture. Some of the finest cakes in Singapore are listed below.

  1. Lady M Confections – Originally from New York, is a popular American desserts company with multiple locations in Singapore, where they sell its signature mille crepe cake.
  2. The Fabulous Baker Boy – It is a well-known cake shop known for its delicious Red Velvet Cake and other sweet treats.
  3. Antoinette – The Opera Cake and Strawberry Shortcake are just two of the many delicious options available at the French bakery Antoinette.
  4. Japanese bakery Flor Patisserie – It is famous for its elaborately decorated cakes like the Mont Blanc and the Matcha Opera.
  5. Edith Patisserie – Among the many delicious options at Edith Patisserie in your area are the Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and the Earl Grey Lavender Cake.
  6. Cat & the Fiddle – It is a dessert shop that specializes in various cheesecakes like the well-known Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake and the Oreo Cheesecake.
  7. The Marmalade Pantry – Cakes like Carrot Cake and Sticky Date Pudding Cake can be found in the extensive selection at The Marmalade Pantry.
  8. Whyzee – Have you gotten the party supplies and the presents ready but neglected the cake? Whyzee, a Singapore-based internet bakery, has you covered if you’re in a pinch because they offer cake delivery services on the same day you order. The patisserie is run by a group of dedicated bakers with years of experience and a flair for artistic cake design. Cakes in unique shapes and flavors, like a unicorn, ombre, and rabbit cakes, can be delivered to your door in as little as four hours. New York cheesecake, lavender earl grey cake, and ondeh ondeh cake are just a few of the traditional cakes that can be brought to your door within an hour. Whyzee also provides party bundles with balloons and floral arrangements for an added festive touch.
  9. Dig In Cakes – Who says you can only have a birthday dessert on your actual birthday? Dig In Cakes’ freshly made, reasonably priced, and artisanal cakes give us a great excuse to treat ourselves to sweets whenever we please. Blueberry elderflower tea, dark chocolate banana mousse, and green tea chestnut mousse are just a few of the delicious options. Dig In Cakes also provides Mao Shan Wang durian, pandan kaya, Okinawa milk tea with brown sugar jam, and ondeh ondeh cakes for those who seek out exotic regional specialties. Dig In Cakes, located in Singapore, delivers cakes both on the same day and at midnight. Indulge your craving for something delectable right now!
  10. Honeypeachsg – Elegant desserts for a unique event? It has our full support. Honeypeachsg is a Singaporean bakery that focuses on providing Instagrammable, completely bespoke birthday desserts. They also offer custom cakes for special occasions and business functions.
  11. Crème Maison Bakery – The exquisitely designed desserts at Creme Maison are impossible to resist. Elegantly piped frosting atop perfectly frosted cakes will be the focal point of any birthday dessert spread. The orange milk chocolate fudge cake is a rich treat with a refreshing citrus flavor. You could also try the mochi dessert with hojicha and chrysanthemums. It will be an exquisite work of art regardless of the outcome. Don’t be shocked if people start wondering where you obtained your cake.
  12. Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes – Is there a need to accommodate special diets or preferences? Check out Delcie’s for some gluten-free baked goods. Lots of options for those on a ketogenic diet or who are trying to avoid sugar will delight your sweet tooth. They’re deliciously sugary and won’t leave you wanting more. The decadent fudge brownie should be ordered if there are any chocoholics in the home. (Spoiler alert! You can get this in vegan and gluten-free varieties, too!) If you’re not in the mood for chocolate, the strawberry cheesecake is a great alternative.
  13. Nesuto – Nesuto’s desserts are exquisite in their detail and design. Using high-quality French butter and milk, these baked goods are of artisanal quality. Delicious flavors like dark chocolate and chestnut-vanilla brandy gateau are among its trademark offerings. To ensure the cakes arrive in pristine condition, they are partly blast-frozen before shipment. Furthermore, they can be stored for up to three days in the refrigerator. (great for planning). Defrost it for half an hour at room temperature before serving.
  14. Bloomsbury Bakers – You can enjoy the standard fare, such as Earl Grey, cheesecake, rum and raisin, and strawberry cobbler. However, the local flavors are what truly distinguish Bloomsbury Bakers apart from its competitors. Grab some utensils and dig into some pulut hitam, orh nee (yam), honey calamansi pineapple, and ondeh ondeh pastries.

These are just a few of the many delicious cakes available in Singapore; your sweet tooth is bound to be satisfied.

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Hana Lim

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