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Best mooncakes in Singapore


In Singapore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a special occasion, and mooncakes are an important part of the festivities. There are many locations to get mooncakes in Singapore, but here are a few of the most popular:

  1. Baker’s Well – Baker’s Well is well-known for its traditional mooncakes created from natural ingredients. They have a variety of varieties available, including lotus paste, red bean paste, and durian.
  2. Four Seasons Durians – A popular spot for durian lovers, Four Seasons Durians also sells mooncakes made with their renowned durian. A must-try is the Mao Shan Wang mango mooncake.
  3. Goodwood Park Hotel – For over 30 years, Goodwood Park Hotel has been making mooncakes, and their mooncakes are greatly sought after. Traditional flavors such as lotus paste and snow skin mooncakes are available, as well as unique tastes such as white lotus paste with egg yolk and black sesame paste with melon seeds.
  4. Home’s Favourite – It is a neighborhood company that specializes in traditional baked mooncakes. They have lotus paste, red bean paste, and mixed nuts varieties.
  5. Mandarin Oriental – mooncakes are renowned for their exquisite packaging and distinct flavors. White lotus pastes with macadamia nuts, green tea pastes with melon seeds, and black sesame paste with a single yolk are among the varieties available.
  6. Ding Mooncakes – This holiday season, give a variety of classic mooncakes: Ding Mooncakes offers some of the finest creations that are free of preservatives and additives. Traditional baked mooncakes are its trademark, packaged in exquisite boxes and available in classic flavors such as white lotus with a single or double yolk. The white lotus mooncakes are prepared with premium white lotus seeds from Hunan and are low in sugar, so you can indulge guilt-free. This year, there’s also matcha and assorted nuts to whet your appetite. From now until August 22nd, take advantage of a 30% early bird deal!
  7. Golden Moments – Golden Moments is the place to go for the trademark Mao Shan Wang durian snow skin mooncake. Each bite blends luscious Mao Shan Wang durian puree with silky snow skin and a sprinkle of edible gold. Psst: To commemorate its fifth anniversary, Golden Moments is presently running a one-for-one promotion on all mooncakes, while supplies last. A decadent treat for the holidays!
  8. Grand Hyatt Singapore – Mid-Autumn Festival can be celebrated with the refined elegance of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s locally made mooncakes. Expect a variety of exquisite flavors, including three boozy returning favorites like champagne, lychee martini, and strawberry tequila snow skin mooncakes, that are perfect for gifting or delighting at home.
  9. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel – As magnificent as The Capitol Kempinski Hotel is, its mooncakes this year are equally so. These delectable morsels are packaged in boxes of eight and come in handy mini versions that are ideal for sharing. Expect a diverse selection of flavors, including two new ones: micro matcha mochi and mini-baked pineapple paste.

These are just a few of the many locations in Singapore where you can get mooncakes. It’s best to try a few different locations before settling on one.

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