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Best omakase restaurants in Singapore


It’s often used in restaurants when the chef creates a menu based on the ingredients. So don’t make decisions, respect the cook, and enjoy the food. The best omakase restaurants in Singapore are listed below.

  1. For sushi aficionados seeking an authentic omakase experience, Sushi Kimura (@sushikimurasingapore) is a concealed jewel. It is in the Renaissance Palais. The restaurant serves only the finest fish and ingredients from Japan, which are transported in daily. The master chef, Tomoo Kimura, prepares each course by hand in front of the patrons, making each morsel a singular experience. The omakase courses at Sushi Kimura are available for lunch and dinner, with prices beginning at $220 per person.
  2. Hashida Sushi Singapore (@hashidasg) The Mandarin Gallery houses the well-known omakase restaurant Hashida Sushi. Kenjiro Hashida, the chief chef, comes from a dynasty of sushi specialists and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. The restaurant takes pride in preparing each course using only the finest ingredients and traditional methods. Hashida Sushi provides three distinct omakase courses, each of which includes an assortment of sushi and sashimi, with prices beginning at $250 per person.
  3. Shinji by Kanesaka (@shinji_by_kanesaka) The two-Michelin-star Shinji by Kanesaka restaurant at The St. Regis Singapore provides an intimate omakase experience. Shinji Kanesaka, the chief chef, is a sushi maestro with over 40 years of experience in the industry. The restaurant only serves the finest ingredients flown in from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo. Prices for two omakase courses at Shinji by Kanesaka begin at $250 per person.
    Esora (@esora_sg) Esora is a contemporary Japanese eatery on Mohamed Sultan Road. Shigeru Koizumi, the chief chef, creates inventive dishes that emphasise the flavours and nuances of each ingredient. The restaurant’s omakase course contains a combination of traditional and contemporary dishes prepared with seasonal Japanese and local ingredients. Esora provides omakase courses for both lunch and dinner, with prices beginning at $250 per person.
  4. Chef Stephan’s Chef’s Table (@chefstable.sg). The distinctive omakase experience at Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan, located on Tras Street, combines Japanese and French cuisine. Stephan Zoisl, the restaurant’s executive chef, has worked in France and Japan Michelin-starred restaurants and applies his expertise to every course. The omakase course at Chef’s Table combines French and Japanese flavours with only the finest ingredients. The omakase course begins at $228 per individual.
    Kappo Shunsui (@kappo_shunsui) The Japanese restaurant Kappo Shunsui in Cuppage Plaza provides an authentic omakase experience. Tomo Watanabe, the chief chef, has over 20 years of experience in the industry and creates both traditional and innovative cuisine. The omakase course at Kappo Shunsui features a variety of sushi, sashimi, and other small dishes prepared with seasonal Japanese and local ingredients. Omakase course prices begin at $150 per person.
  5. Taki Kyoto Cuisine (@taki.sg) Taki Kyoto Cuisine, located in Tanglin Shopping Centre, offers a distinctive omakase experience that highlights the delicacies of Kyoto. Taki Takiishi, the restaurant’s chief cook, has over 30 years of expertise and develops dishes that showcase the ingredients and techniques of Kyoto cuisine. The omakase course at Taki Kyoto Cuisine features a variety of sushi, sashimi, and Kyoto-inspired dishes prepared with Japanese ingredients.
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