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Best stationery stores in Singapore


Here are 10 best of the stationery shops in Singapore along with descriptions, Instagram usernames and opening hours just for you:

  1. Kikki.K – A Swedish brand offering stylish stationery, notebooks, and homeware. Instagram: @kikki.k Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)
  2. PaperMarket – A one-stop-shop for all things scrapbooking, card-making and other paper crafts. Instagram: @papermarketsg Opening Hours: 11am-9pm (Mon-Sun)
  3. Typo – A stationery store with a quirky twist, offering unique and fun designs for all your writing needs. Instagram: @typo.sg Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)
  4. MUJI – A minimalist Japanese store with a wide range of stationery and office supplies, including notebooks, pens, and desk accessories. Instagram: @mujisg Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)
  5. The Paper Bunny – A local brand offering stylish and functional stationery, notebooks, and accessories with a focus on personalization. Instagram: @thepaperbunny Opening Hours: 11am-9pm (Mon-Sun)
  6. Smiggle – A colorful and playful stationery store aimed at kids and teens, offering a wide range of fun and functional products. Instagram: @smiggleasia Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Daily)
  7. Popular Bookstore – A large bookstore chain with a comprehensive selection of stationery and office supplies, including school textbooks and revision materials. Instagram: @popular_sg Opening Hours: Varies by outlet
  8. Grama – A boutique stationery store offering unique and high-quality products sourced from around the world, including pens, notebooks, and leather accessories. Instagram: @grama.store Opening Hours: 12pm-8pm (Tues-Sun)
  9. NBC Stationery & Gifts – A family-run business offering affordable and functional stationery, gifts, and office supplies. Instagram: @nbcstationery Opening Hours: 10am-8pm (Mon-Sun)
  10. The Stationery Shop – A boutique stationery store offering a curated selection of high-quality products, including leather journals, fountain pens, and desk accessories. Instagram: @thestationeryshop.sg Opening Hours: 11am-8pm (Mon-Sat), 12pm-6pm (Sun)
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